Stone Age Guitars x Vape-Jet Contest

Happy 710 Day from Vape-Jet! We’re excited to celebrate the second biggest cannabis holiday of the year with a special partnership featuring one of our own crew members, Patrick Thaler, who also happens to be the owner of Stone Age Guitars

On 4/20, we launched a giveaway for all Vape-Jet machine operators. To participate, you had to create a 15-second video showcasing your Vape-Jet, Dab Dispenser, Jet Fueler, or Squish-o-Matic equipment in action. The grand prize? A custom-built, Vape-Jet branded guitar crafted by Patrick himself. We were blown away by your creative submissions, making it a tough decision, but congratulations to our first place winner, Alex!

Alex had the opportunity to visit Vape-Jet headquarters, where they were warmly welcomed by the team and received their one-of-a-kind, Vape-Jet x Stone Age guitar.  

Our second and third place winners were also in for a treat. Each winner received a comprehensive Vape-Jet x Stone Age merchandise package that perfectly encapsulated the essence of both brands. A big congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated with their incredible submissions!  

Vape-Jet x Stone Age Guitars 

To kick off 710, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Patrick to discuss his passion for cannabis and his commitment to supporting small businesses.  

— Patrick, tell us how the Vape-Jet x Stone Age contest came about. 

“The guitar giveaway came about when our CFO, Brian Kuo, mentioned that a VJ guitar could be a really cool idea. I got to designing and after presenting that design to the team, it was decided that one guitar would be built for the office and another to give back to our community.” 

— How did Stone Age Guitars get started and how long has it been around? 

“I started Stone Age in 2013 as I was beginning my journey into guitar repair and modification. In 2020 I got the itch to start building my own instruments and today, I make my own bodies with my CNC router and 3D printer. The guitar market is pretty insane right now and there are a lot of very talented builders doing new and innovative things every day. It’s been very exciting to be a part of that developing world and start to make my mark on it as well. Keep an eye out on the Stone Age Guitars Instagram and Facebook pages, we’re going to be launching an Indiegogo campaign very soon and appreciate all the support we can get!” 

— How did you come to work at Vape-Jet and what do you do here? 

“A good friend, who I worked with in the past, joined VJ first and spoke highly of my work ethic. At VJ, I’m what they call, the final-mile guy. I take the machines when they are still just a frame, a bundle of wires, have only been booted once or twice and complete the nice package that our customers receive. I install panels, accessories, clean up all the wiring and complete final testing before the machines go out the door. 

— How does the work you do support the success of Vape-Jet machine operators? 

“In my mind, the foundation of any project is the most important part that everything else is built upon. In my position, I provide our customers with that foundation to build their success with the machine and I take great pride in producing the best product I can to set them up for that success. In the same way, when I’m building a guitar for someone, my goal is to make not only a visually interesting product, but I want the instrument to play effortlessly. Creativity is easiest when you don’t have extra barriers in the way to hamper it.” 

— How do you handle the hustle between Vape-Jet and running your business? 

“Carefully, and it’s not without its sacrifices. I work hard every day to put my all into everything that I do, and I don’t give myself many days off. It can be a difficult balance at times to support a team that is counting on you and also step into a world full of unknowns. However, in our world today, I believe that you have to really chase your dreams and not be afraid to get knocked down at times. Success feels good because of the fight to get there.” 

— What Inspires you as an entrepreneur? 

“Innovation and putting my mark on the world. I don’t aspire to be an industry giant, but I have a great respect for mom-and-pop style businesses. I like the idea of building a community and following around a brand and I think that we see less and less of that today with big companies like Amazon. Buy local, support small businesses!” 

— For funsies, sativa or indica? Or does it depend on the occasion? 

“Indica, haha, I’ve got a very high tolerance, and that couch-lock weed is what I reach for every time!” 

The Vape-Jet crew invites you to celebrate 710 this holiday by uplifting the remarkable small businesses that enrich our community. Discover the exceptional craftsmanship of Stone Age Guitars and show your support for Patrick’s incredible work. Visit to learn more about his unique creations and follow his inspiring journey on Instagram @Stone_Age_Guitars. By supporting artisans like Patrick, we contribute to a vibrant and thriving community. 

If you want to become the next Vape-Jet partner and success story, reach out to our crew, and we’ll find the best solution for your business.   

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