Vape-Jet 4.0 Pre-Roll Infusion Kit

Our new joint infusion solution secures 50 pre-packed pre-rolls in place. The Vape-Jet filling machine’s standard needle is swapped out for a sharp stainless-steel needle which pierces and injects oil into each joint using the same machine vision technology deployed during cartridge filling.

During the dispense, the needle retracts to evenly distribute oil throughout, leaving a precise line of oil down the center. The newest addition to our line of Vape-Jet filling accessories delivers on our goal to offer the most adaptable and robust filling solution available. Every Fuel Injector comes with our industry-leading product support.

Contact our crew to ask about joint compatibility.

Product Features

Needle Retraction

The needle retracts vertically during dispense to evenly distribute oil throughout, leaving a precise line down the center of the pre-roll.

No Retooling Needed

Utilize your existing Vape-Jet filling machine to infuse oil into your pre-rolls. Simply swap the standard blunt tip needle with a sharp one and load the correct calibration profile for a seamless transition.

Durable Construction

The Fuel Injector is made to last, constructed from high-strength and precision milled Delrin with a magnetic acrylic top plate and stainless steel spring-loaded posts. 

Spring-Loaded Release

After infusing, remove the magnetic occlusion plate and press down on the the jig to release all 50 pre-rolls in one motion for easy unloading.

Precision Dispensing

The Vape-Jet’s pharmaceutical pump can dispense between 0.001ml and 5.0ml quickly and accurately, with a repeatability rate of ±0.25%, ensuring precise and consistent oil distribution in every infused joint.

Industry-Leading Support

Every Fuel Injector kit includes access to Vape-Jet’s team of dedicated product support technicians. Training, calibration, and parts are included.

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