Drop Tank Oil Preheater

Pre-Heat Your Oil Reservoirs

Reduce downtime and streamline your Vape-Jet filling process by pre-heating your oil reservoir with Drop Tank. Sitting outside of the machine, Drop Tank warms your upcoming batch of oil, facilitating a hot-swap when the previous tank runs out. 

Product Features

Reduce Downtime 

Instead of cleaning your reservoir, loading the next batch, and waiting for it to come to temperature, Drop Tank allows you to pre-heat an extra reservoir. With multiple reservoirs and a Drop Tank, turnover time between batches is reduced to mere minutes.

Temperature Control

Preserve terpenes and reduce the degradation of your oil by precisely controlling the exact temperature of the Drop Tank system.

Nitrogen Regulator

With the included nitrogen regulator and Swagelok plug, your reservoir can be heated under pressure, further preserving terpenes by eliminating evaporation and reducing oxidation.

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