The Vape-Jet Difference

Looking to compare Vape-Jet products to others on the market? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Use this guide to compare our pricing, throughput, features and benefits, and reach out to our crew with any follow-up questions.

Labor + Operating Costs


Any filling machine that involves jig loading creates unnecessary touch points and often requires multiple operators to reach quoted throughput rates. These steps add time spent per cartridge, increasing your operating costs.

Our fully-automatic platform fills direct-to-tray, requiring the lowest labor input of any machine available. This allows a single operator to run up to four machines, letting you reallocate additional labor to time-consuming manual tasks.

Product Support

Other cartridge-filling machines come with limited warranty and product support options, often with no coverage for spare parts or on-site visits, adding a hefty price tag to the cost of unexpected machine downtime. With no remote access available, phone or video support is limited in its efficiency resulting in more on-site visits and added delays while waiting for necessary repairs, spares and replacements.

We pride ourselves on our industry-leading product support, which includes a one-year renewable warranty, same-day support, overnight replacements and a robust help desk and support ticketing system. Vape-Jet’s remote access  feature allows us to handle almost any issue or request, including installation, troubleshooting, and calibration via video chat. We proactively monitor all active machines to provide feedback.


Rigid automation limits your business potential. Filling machines designed to fill a single type of hardware or style of jig or tray can create delays (anywhere from days to months) when transitioning to something new. Consider the lost time and cost involved in retooling the machine and manufacturing new jigs, along with the amount spent on R&D between you, the hardware company and the filling machine manufacturer.

The Vape-Jet filling machine adjusts to your hardware and your oil, not the other way around. Flexible automation allows you to evolve your business plan to stay up-to-date with customer trends, pivot during supply chain shortages and launch new product lines while maintaining your current ones. Fill cartridges, pods, capsules, bottles and more anywhere from 0.001ml to 5ml and in almost any style tray.

Product Preservation

Exposing oil to high heat for long periods leads to the degradation of cannabinoid, resulting in lower product quality. Heating processes with exposure to air during the filling process can cause terpene evaporation and oxidation.

With three independently controllable heat zones, our filling machines run at the lowest operating temps on the market. A nitrogen pressurized fluid path and precision pump protects even the thickest oils including live resin & rosin from evaporation and degradation.


If the amount of labor per machine is fixed— especially when jig loading and multiple operators are involved—adding new machines to expand your operation requires additional labor input regardless of the throughput rate. 

Filling multiple product types? Expect to spend time making physical adjustments between SKUs and investing in specialized add-on equipment.

Scale your automation alongside your operation with an upgrade path from our semi-automatic Jet Fueler to our fully-automatic Vape-Jet filling machine—all without increasing your labor costs. A single operator can run a Jet Fueler or up to four Vape-Jets, producing up to 4800 cartridges per hour. Configuration profiles allow you to change between product SKUs quickly and can be shared across machines as you grow.

Space Optimization

Larger units, some exceeding 60 cubic feet, require substantial dedicated space for operation. Exposed designs (without an enclosure) increase operational risks, and leave the filling process vulnerable to environmental pollutants.

At just over 11 cubic feet, the Vape-Jet can be operated as a table top unit, or freestanding when paired with our new Flight Deck base cabinet. The enclosed design improves operational safety and prevents environmental contamination.

Operator Impact

Repetitive motion, such as hand-filling or jig-loading, is an occupational health hazard. These tasks can lead to high turnover, creating downtime while on boarding new employees, with fewer support resources for training.

With a fully-automatic system, operators can multitask during the filling process by prepping the next batch, capping or packaging. With our dedicated support staff, you can expect less downtime and fewer operational delays.

Unmatched Innovation

With state-of-the-art technology the Vape-Jet and Jet Fueler are the most advanced cartridge filling solutions available.
Our most innovative features are unmatched by any other product on the market.

Machine Vision

Our patent-pending machine vision alignment system analyzes cartridges, aligns the needle, and precisely fills each one—skipping over bent or damaged ones.

Data Reporting

Track batches, analyze operations, and view pre- and post-fill inspection photos with Vape-Jet’s robust data reporting and traceability features.

Remote Access

With two internal cameras, Vape-Jet gives our product support team remote access to walk you through installation, training, and system optimization.

Custom Solutions

Our in-house engineers and developers can provide custom solutions for your unique challenges, including compatibility reports, custom integrations and more.

Have questions? Ask our crew.

Whether you’re a small lab looking to scale or a high-volume enterprise outgrowing your current setup, we have a machine that will fit your needs.

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