The Vape-Jet Difference

Looking to compare Vape-Jet products to others on the market? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.


Filling Trays

Jig Loading

and unloading, and loading, and unloading…

Filling machines that require custom jig trays for each style of cartridge create a number of challenges.

The entire process runs slower as your operator has to load cartridges individually into proprietary trays.

Manufacturing flexibility is lost when your process relies on specific hardware types that have to be replaced when broken or when they become outdated.

Individually placing cartridges in custom jig trays introduces several additional and unnecessary touch points per cartridge, opening up opportunities for contamination and product degradation. Not to mention the time lost on the loading and unloading process.

Hand-capping cartridges one at a time creates additional touch points, leaves product exposed to environmental contaminants for longer periods, and adds to labor costs.

Direct to Shipping Tray

Eliminate the need to manually transfer cartridges into and out of a jig. Simply unbox the foam shipping trays from the manufacturer and start filling.

With the Jet Fueler semi-automatic filling machine your operator can rely on the pharmaceutical pump for precise dispensing quickly and accurately.

Using the Vape-Jet fully-automatic filling machine your operator can load a pre-saved configuration, set the foam tray onto the filling platform and let the machine do the work. The machine vision alignment system with center post avoidance detects the placement of each cartridge and aligns the needle precisely. It can even detect and skip bent center posts , saving you time on pre-inspection and spill clean up.

Filling with Vape-Jet and capping with the Squish-o-Matic provides unsurpassed workflow efficiencies; cartridges aren’t removed from the foam trays until they are packaged and ready for sale.

Heating System

Flat Oil Basin

This style of filling machine exposes the product to air causing terpene evaporation, oxidation and overall loss of product quality. It also creates a potential exposure risk to dust and airborne contaminants.

Heat Lamp

Exposing oil to long periods of high heat leads and ultraviolet radiation leads to lower product quality through degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes.


These styles of heating systems are often inconsistent, leading to variance in fill levels.
The operator will need to go back and hand fill cartridges that were under-filled which means higher labor costs and slower production times.


Precisely control the temperature of your oil with 3 independently programmable heat zones located at the reservoir, pump and needle.

By heating at multiple points in the filling process you can maintain lower temperatures throughout, preserving terpenes and protecting product integrity.

The nitrogen-pressurized fluid path reduces oxidation and allows for the lowest operating temperatures of any filling system.

The Vape-Jet has a fully enclosed design and positively pressure filtered air system to keep dust and other environmental contaminants out of your vape cartridges. (And protect your operator from accidental injury with hands-free operation.)

Oil Capacity

140mL Reservoir

This small reservoir limits productivity, and must be refilled between each tray of 100 1g cartridges, adding unnecessary downtime to your filling process.

10L+ Reservoir

While a larger reservoir may seem like a better solution, those 10L and over can expose your oil to higher temperatures for extended periods of time, leading to oxidation and terpene degradation. You may refill less often (every 100 trays of 100 1g cartridges) but you sacrifice product quality to do so.

1L Reservoir

Minimize operator input and maximize product quality with the efficient 1L size reservoir. Each one will last 10 trays of 100 1g cartridges before needing to be refilled. This size allows for more substantial runs than the 140mL</strong, but also makes it easier to change strains more frequently than the 10L size.

For Vape-Jet operators specifically, our Drop Tank pre-heater allows one reservoir to warm up while another finishes filling. Make a hot-swap in seconds and keep working with minimal downtime.

Unmatched Innovation

With state-of-the-art technology the Vape-Jet and Jet Fueler are the most advanced cartridge filling solutions available. Our most innovative features are unmatched by any other product on the market.

Remote Access

With two internal cameras, our fully-automatic filling machine gives our product support technicians remote access to walk you through installation, training, and ongoing support for your Vape-Jet almost as if we are physically working in your lab by your side.

Once granted access, we can view your current configuration and help your Vape-Jet operator fine tune to optimize the performance of each machine.

Multiple Configurations

Both our fully- and semi-automatic cartridge filling machines are capable of saving up to 1,000 different configurations. Switching between different profiles and product types has never been so simple. Easily load or update as needed.

Data Reporting

Track batches, analyze cartridge filling operations, and view pre- and post-fill inspection photos with Vape-Jet’s robust reporting and traceability features. Take the guess work out of cartridge filling knowing you can track every cart ever filled by your Vape-Jet.

Dedicated Support

Your operator is never flying solo. All Vape-Jet filling systems include a one year warranty service level agreement (valued at $5k). Once a support ticket is submitted to our help desk, one of our dedicated technicians will be in touch as quickly as 15 minutes and always same business day.

Need a replacement part delivered? We’ll overnight it to make sure you’re back online as quickly as possible.

Have questions? Ask our crew.

Whether you’re a small lab looking to scale or a high-volume enterprise outgrowing your current setup, we have a machine that will fit your needs.

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Vape-Jet Help Desk Serial Number Vape-Jet
Vape-Jet Help Desk Serial Number Jet Fueler

Where is my serial number?

On Vape-Jet the serial number is etched into the lower left corner of the door (“VJ3xx”) for version 3.0 and on a plaque (“VJ4xx”) on front panel for version 4.0.

Jet-Fueler has a sticker on the back panel and will be “JF1xx” or “JF2xx”, and so on.