Max Efficiency with a Larger Max Load Size

Experience unmatched productivity with the Vape-Jet Top Load edition. This innovative variation of our best-selling fully automatic filling machine features a vertically mounted reservoir with an integrated bowl reducer for minimal waste, and easy top-loading access for seamless operation.

Designed for larger batches and streamlined processes, the Vape-Jet Top Load offers the same reliability and precision dispensing as our original design, with modifications to make your high volume SKU production workflow even smoother. Reduce downtime and increase oil capacity with the ability to stack two reservoirs and load up to 2L at a time. 

Fill smarter, faster, and smoother with the Vape-Jet Top Load.

Top Load Benefits

Effortless Loading and Cleaning

The Vape-Jet Top Load makes loading and cleaning a breeze. An opening in the top panel of the enclosure allows easy external access to the fixed reservoir for loading oil or cleaning solution, reducing downtime and ensuring a smoother production process.

Reduced Heat Application

With a shorter upper fluid path, the Vape-Jet Top Load applies even less heat to the oil during the filling process than the original 4.0 design. This modification helps to further preserve the quality of your product, ensuring that your initial formulation remains intact.

Expanded Capacity

Maximize your efficiency with the ability to attach an additional 1L reservoir, expanding your max load size to 2L of oil. Ideal for processors handling larger (4L+) batches of the same product in one run, this feature keeps your operator focused on filling with fewer workflow interruptions.

Minimized Waste

The Vape-Jet Top Load utilizes a bowl-reducer instead of a dip-tube, further reducing waste. This design change ensures that you get the most out of every batch of oil, enhancing the overall efficiency of your production.

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With Vape-Jet You’re Never Flying Solo

Our expert team of dedicated support technicians actively support our entire fleet of Vape-Jet machines. We review data reporting, analyze configurations, and proactively provide guidance on how to optimize the performance of each active machine. All Vape-Jet filling machines include a one-year warranty with service level agreement (valued at $5k) that includes access to our support team and help desk via the machine GUI or our website. We know how important it is to keep your machine running smoothly, which is why our response times are as quick as 15 minutes and always the same business day.

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