Our New Electric Cartridge-Capping Machine 

Cap entire trays of cartridges and all-in-one devices with the push of a button. The Squish-e 9000 is designed to work alongside our fully and semi-automatic cartridge-filling machines to eliminate the inefficiencies of capping vape hardware by hand. Able to accommodate most press-fit mouthpieces, the Squish-e 9000 uses an electric press to securely cap roughly 3000 cartridges per hour. As always, every machine comes standard with our industry-leading customer support, consultation, warranty, training, and calibration assistance.

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Product Features 

Precise Electric Press

Never worry about loose mouthpieces or punctured seals with the Squish-e 9000 precise electric press.

Direct to Tray Capping

Save yourself from manually capping each cart individually. The Squish-e 9000 is designed to fit the foam trays that cartridges and devices arrive in from the manufacturer, allowing you to transfer entire trays of filled carts directly onto the platform and cap them simultaneously.

Easy to Use

Once configured and calibrated, simply place your tray of filled carts into the Squish-e 9000, rest the mouthpieces in place, and press Squish. It’s that easy.

Enclosed Environment

The Squish-e 9000 offers a fully enclosed environment, preserving the integrity of your filled carts and devices as they gently cool and preventing any foreign contaminants from getting inside. The clear polycarbonate high strength panels also provide safety for your capping machine operator.

Important to Note: While it will be extremely tempting to experiment squishing literally everything in sight, our warranty only extends to its use on vape hardware.

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With Vape-Jet You’re Never Flying Solo

Our expert team of dedicated support technicians actively support our entire fleet of machines. We review data reporting, analyze configurations, and proactively provide guidance on how to optimize the performance of each active machine. All capping machines include a one-year warranty with service level agreement (valued at $5k) that includes access to our support team and help desk. We know how important it is to keep your machine running smoothly, which is why our response times are as quick as 15 minutes and always the same business day.

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