Get The Smartest Vape Cartridge Filling Machine For Sale To Scale Efficiently

The cannabis industry is one of the most competitive and difficult to navigate and scale efficiently. The plant itself is incredibly complex, as are its extracts, which are increasing in popularity among the market’s growing group of consumers. 

Today, one of the biggest challenges for extractors, vape carts, and all-in-one vape manufacturers is maintaining efficient operations. Many of these operations still use manual labor to fill the carts, one by one, with staff working robotically side-by-side.

This can lead to an increase in human error and issues that risk environmental contamination, etc. Hence the emergence and growth of cartridge filling machines for sale to produce high-quality cannabis products. 

Of course, not all cartridge filling machines for sale can be treated equally, and some can even cause more issues. This means selecting the right vape cartridge filling machine for sale for efficient operations to seamlessly scale is crucial.

Is your operation seeking to improve efficiency or your filling cart capabilities? This is the guide for you. Keep reading for tips on selecting the best cartridge filling machine for sale for your operation.

Best Cartridge Filling Machine For Sale

Why mess around with the rest, when we can get started with the best? In today’s industry, Vape-Jet offers the smartest cartridge filling machines for sale and other machines to improve efficiency and quality, including –

  1. The Vape-Jet – a fully automatic vape cart filling machine. 
  2. The Jet Fueler – a semi-automatic cartridge filler machine. 
  3. The Dab Dispenser – a semi-automatic jar filling machine. 
  4. Squish-o-Matic 1000 – a cartridge capping machine.
  5. Drop Tank – to support a heated cartridge filler.

Leaders in the industry agree that the Vape-Jet is one of the most advanced and best cartridge filling machines. So, next, let’s dive deeper into its unique capabilities to support efficient operations.

Vape-Jet Vape Cartridge and Device Filling Machine

The Vape-Jet is one of the most advanced and fully automatic machines to fill oil vape cartridges and all-in-one devices. It fills between 5,000 and 10,000 vape cartridges per shift with the lowest labor inputs of any machine on the market. 

Unlike other machines that fill carts based on predetermined x- and y-coordinates, Vape-Jet uses its advanced software platform and machine vision system to identify the ideal needle placement on 510 cartridges, all-in-one devices, and more.

The Jet Fueler, on the other hand, is an advanced semi-automatic machine that fills oil vape cartridges and all-in-one devices. It fills between 5000 and 9000 vape cartridges per shift and has an easy-to-clean design that won’t clog up like repeater syringes or error-prone check-valve systems.

Pros And Cons Of Vape-Jet Cartridge Filling Machine

With any purchase or decision made, there are bound to be pros and cons. For Vape-Jet cartridge filling machines, here are advantages and potential drawbacks to consider –

  • Lowest labor cost 
  • Highest production capacity 
  • Consistent and accurate fill volume 
  • Flexibility in handling a wide range of fill volumes and viscosities 
  • Increased reliability with minimal room for operator error 
  • Limited exposure to environmental contaminants 
  • Operator can multitask during filling process 
  • Supports multiple configurations 
  • Remote operations and repairs
  • Industry-leading product support 
  • Data reporting 
  • Training included 
  • Active deployment 
  • Clean in place procedures
  • Temperature controls 
  • CSA certified 
  • Safe fluid paths 
  • Adaptability
  • Can be cost-prohibitive for smaller operations 
  • Largest physical footprint 
  • Requires additional operator training

Are you still unsure if a fully automatic cartridge filling machine is for you? Use this guide to compare varying types of machines, along with the advantages and disadvantages to consider for your operation.

Vape-Jet Customer Reviews

There’s nothing like word-of-mouth from your peers or real-world feedback to help you make a purchasing decision. Here are just a few things we’re hearing from our customers about how the Vape-Jet machine works and how our company supports their business: 

“One of the things I’ve been super impressed about is not only have you guys had our back with our facility, but you’ve gone above and beyond to communicate with AVD,” -Dario Flynn, Sessions

“All of our touch points with Vape-Jet as a company have been above and beyond what we’ve experienced with any equipment supplier in this industry.” -Alex Sukos, Meli Group 

“The Vape-Jet has been a huge asset in our lab, it’s almost like a team member.”- Larry Decristofaro, Proper

Don’t just take our customer’s word for it; call our crew directly, and we’ll be happy to discuss how Vape-Jet can work for your unique operations.

Other Types Of Cartridge Filling Machines

Of course, when investing in equipment to fill cartridges and vape pens, it’s always best to do your research. To help, we’ve compiled popular alternative cartridge filler machines to compare their features against Vape-Jet.

Fully Automatic Filling Machines

In comparison to other automatic filling machines on the market, Vape-Jet offers more advanced technology at a better value. It also minimizes labor more effectively and increases throughput.

Other fully automatic filling machines restrict your business with the limitations of rigid automation. Filling machines designed to fill only a single type of hardware or style of jig or tray can create delays (anywhere from days to months) when transitioning to something new.

Semi-Automatic Filling Machines

When compared to semi-automatic filling machines or cartridge filling guns made by other companies, it is obvious how much more sophisticated the Jet Fueler is.  

The Jet Fueler, for example, is equipped with a fluid path made entirely from fluoropolymers, Viton, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and ceramic that ensures your oil and products only touch the highest quality and safest materials available for the utmost quality.

Manual Filling Machines

Overall, manual filling machines are only viable in today’s industry as a cost-effective or temporary solution for startups and small-scale operations.

Need more help comparing other brands to Vape-Jet? We’ve got you covered with a complete breakdown of the most important differences to review.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cartridge Filling Machine For Sale

So, in the end, how can you answer the question, “Which Kind of Cart Filling Machine Should I Consider?”. There are a few key factors that can help make that decision.

The Scale Of Your Operation

The first factor to consider is the scale of your operation. Does your facility produce enough extract to fill more carts more quickly? Will you need to expand operations to scale? Also review the time it takes for employees to manually fill cartridges and the cost savings for labor, etc.

What Type Of Products You’re Filling

One of the biggest problems with automatic and manual cartridge filling is the consistency of the extracts and the vape product you’re filling. 

If the vape hardware you’re filling isn’t standard or if you plan to offer other products in the future, having a machine like Vape-Jet that can automatically identify where to fill and adjust accordingly is highly beneficial. 

As for live resin and live rosin, these extracts are thicker and much harder for most common machines to handle filling, which is a definite factor to consider.


Since you’re in the cannabis industry, you know it better than most. Sometimes it all comes down to the price of what you can buy within your budget. 

However, when filling carts more efficiently, investing in the right machine can help you increase profits and scale exponentially. While others may hold you back or create more costly issues, investing in your facility today can pay off tomorrow.

Have more questions about selecting the right cartridge filler for your operation? Or on how our customer service and product support work? Before you buy, check out our complete FAQ section for the most common questions and answers.

Summing It Up: Why Buy From Vape-Jet

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about cartridge filling machines for sale, you’re fully informed to make the best decision. 

So, if your operation is ready to take efficiency to the next level with the reliable support you need to succeed, there’s no better cartridge filler machine brand to choose than Vape-Jet. 

Our crew is dedicated to providing industry-leading service and support for your vape cart filling operations while continually improving upon our technology to grow with you. Have questions? We’re here to help!

Get in touch, or call us directly, and stay tuned for more guides to increasing efficiency in the modern world of weed.

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Vape Hardware

Vape-Jet Hardware Partner: BOLD Carts

Introducing BOLD Carts   

The Vape-Jet Crew is elevating innovation with BOLD Carts, our first brand partner of 2024. With a shared commitment to quality, design and functionality, teaming up with a revolutionary company like BOLD translates to an efficient and even more reliable experience for our shared customers.  

At Vape-Jet, vision paired with well-timed execution is one of the formulas that propel us to reach our goals. BOLD does just that by dreaming big and prioritizing innovation, sustainability, and dependability. That’s why they’re the perfect addition to our partner program. Aiming to nurture the industry, their team has always been involved in cultivation projects, focused on customer-centric products and services, and driven by technology.  

By leveraging their collective industry expertise, visionary attunement, and scaling capabilities, BOLD sets themselves apart with cutting-edge hardware. Their ability to be nimble amid stark market shifts empowers customers by providing them with the tools they need for a seamless experience. All of this, while staying true to their values—conscious, responsible and ethical advancement of the cannabis industry. BOLD Carts set out to do it all with a revolutionized industry in mind.  

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Drift All-in-One Devices

Vape-Jet x BOLD Benefits 

Verified Compatibility

The R&D is already done! Enjoy a smooth integration of pre-tested BOLD hardware with our fully-automatic and semi-automatic filling and capping solutions. Dedicate more time and resources to filling when you don’t have to worry about testing hardware compatibility.  

Preconfigured Hardware Profiles

We’ve preconfigured BOLD’s compatible hardware profiles, so you don’t have to start from scratch. After installation, the support team can calibrate your hardware and get you filling right away. 

Better Together

As brand partners, we share many of the same goals, including customer success. We believe in teams who inspire and collaborate with one another. Working alongside, instead of in competition with, each other gives everyone a leg up to go further.  

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Zirconia 510 Cartridges

The Power to Personalize 

BOLD can streamline your packaging process, providing a one-stop-shop experience. Customize your hardware with vibrant branded colors and tailor each product to exact specifications based on your unique branding needs.  

With BOLD’s premium packing solutions, you can elevate your jars, tins, pre-rolls, vape products and more. Choose from compliant packaging and non-child resistant packaging depending on your needs.

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Drift All-in-One Devices

Compatible Hardware 

What’s New? Zirconia!

At Vape-Jet, we understand the importance of quality materials for the best vaping experience. Prepare to be blown away by BOLD’s newest line of cartridges and all-in-ones made with Zirconia. With Zirconia at the core, you get tougher hardware, greater flavor, and residue-free use. BOLD Carts enhance the vape experience by setting their sights on a commitment to purity, consistency, and enjoyment through high-quality cannabis technology.  

Durability & Strength 

Zirconia is strong and lasts longer than regular ceramic and medical-grade steel. Paying premium for a longer-lasting product is an investment in the vaping experience for you and your customers. 

Heat Management 

The surface of Zirconia can withstand rapid temperature shifts. This ensures even heat distribution for a consistent draw. No more overheating and burning up precious terpenes, which is a common problem associated with other materials. With a durable and evenly heated core, you retain more cannabinoids and get to experience the truest representation of the plant. 

Flavor Preservation 

The smooth surface prevents residue buildup, for a fresher and more flavorful inhale without the gunk.  

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Zirconia 510 Cartridges

BOLD’s Product Catalog 

BOLD’s hardware is crafted with the highest standards in construction, design and tech innovation. Each cart is carefully constructed for a smoother, fuller draw each and every time.  

Vape-Jet compatible 510 cartridges include the Easy Press Glass, Polycarbonate, and Zirconia. The carts are available in silver, gold, rose gold with custom color ceramic tips. 

For those who seek a more customizable experience, BOLD’s all-in-one devices offer a variety of tank sizes (from 0.3mL to 2mL) for resin and solventless oils. The Trip, Journey and Trek are all Vape-Jet compatible. The Drift, Cruise, and Odyssey are both Vape-Jet and Squish-o-Matic compatible, providing maximum efficiency for your filling and capping workflow. 

Well-engineered batteries are just as critical to the user experience as the oil that goes in each cartridge. BOLD’s 510 compatible batteries are designed for looks, durability, and user comfort.  

Vape-Jet 4.0 | The Most Advanced Fully-Automatic Vape Cartridge Filling Machine - Click to Learn More

What’s Next? 

Quality hardware and precision filling solutions make way for a premium user experience pull after pull. If you are interested in taking your production to the next level, while providing a consistent and reliable product for your customers, reach out to our crew to find out how BOLD and Vape-Jet together can provide a seamless solution for your production needs.   

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Drift Disposable Devices

To read more about how Vape-Jet helps our customers find success, check out the features below: 

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Customer Feature Dab Dispenser Fuel Injector Vape-Jet

Sessions: Customer Feature

In cannabis production, innovation isn’t a choice but a necessity. With a company like Oregon’s Sugar Tree Farm, finding a way to bring sun-grown cannabis from farm-to-nail in the most local and sustainable way requires innovation throughout the production process.  

Luckily, ensuring product integrity through seamless filling operations is critical to our crew at Vape-Jet. That’s why Sugar Tree Farm reached out to us for assistance with their mission: maintaining product quality from seed to dab.  

Now, with Dab Factory and Sessions, their distinguished Butane Hash Oil (BHO) brands, Sugar Tree Farm is leading the charge for smaller mom-and-pop shops with the most well-cultivated, high-quality products available.  

We sat down with General Manager Joy Kintz, and two of their extraction experts Jeremiah Kintz and Dario Flynn to discuss their cannabis automation journey from carts to dabs and to see how they harness the power of Vape-Jet to grow their production processes.  

Launching with Vape-Jet 


Dario, Joy, and Jeremiah reflect on starting their business and realizing quickly that automation was the only way to compete. 

“It’s 2024, carts have been around for a while,” Dario says. “There’s a lot of companies that are absolutely destroying it, and they make fantastic products.” 

“If we want to even try to compete with [other cannabis companies] we have to use all the tools in our arsenal to bring the highest-quality options to people,” Dario says. 

Knowing they would need to invest in automated equipment for cartridge production to compete in a saturated market, Sugar Tree embarked on an extensive research phase, dedicating close to a year to refine their processes and select the best equipment.  

The turning point came when a neighboring facility upgraded to a Vape-Jet fully automated cartridge-filling machine, allowing Sessions’ crew to test the waters by borrowing their semi-automatic Jet Fueler. “We were like, ‘this is really awesome,’” Joy explains. “We realized we needed to go bigger and faster because we were launching whole new brands. So, we got in contact with Vape-Jet,” Joy says.  

Investing in a Vape-Jet fully automated cartridge filler was the only practical way to scale operations. “Manual filling methods or semi-automated solutions wouldn’t cut it given our growth projections,” Dario explains.  

Joy emphasized the importance of efficiency from the outset. “We understood that starting small wasn’t an option in today’s competitive market. By investing in advanced equipment like the Vape-Jet, we could ensure consistent quality and meet consumer expectations.”  

“We thought, ‘we’re going to launch something new, we need to shoot for the stars.’ So in our mind, we thought, well, we might as well just pull the trigger and go for the big boy. We went straight to the Vape-Jet and just ran from there.”  

Vape-Jet 4.0 | The Most Advanced Fully-Automatic Vape Cartridge Filling Machine - Click to Learn More

Growing with Vape-Jet  


Sessions’ production capacity grew precipitously. Growing at such an accelerated rate was remarkable for a new product line. Their new Vape-Jet matched Sessions’ mission: achieving a sustainable product workflow that matched their customers’ desire for fresher, more local, and additive-free cannabis products.   

In recent weeks, they’ve added a second Vape-Jet, and are expecting to fill double their current filling rates, a still-massive 2,500 vape cartridges every four hours (with four hours of labor dedicated to labeling and preparing for distribution). With two machines, Sugar Tree expects to produce 8,000-9,000 vape carts per day.   

Their production speed will improve further because, as Joy explains, with a seamless workflow of two Vape-Jets, one running disposables, and one running 510s, “we can run the same strain and get two products at the same time,” Joy explains. That’s less changeover, less waste, and, especially at scale, a great way of reducing production costs.  

What do they fill?  

Sugar Tree Farm specializes in sun-grown cannabis, integrating their Dab Factory and Sessions brands as the core of their full-spectrum hash oil offerings.  

510 (AVD EZ Click) and All-in-One (iKrusher Uzo) 

Vape-Jet Partner equipment works seamlessly with our automated filling machines. 

Vape-Jet partners are vetted by our crew and represent some of the top brands in cannabis production. We precision calibrate our equipment for partners like AVD and iKrusher to ensure seamless, efficient cartridge-filling. 

Butane Hash Oil from 100% cannabis (strain-specific terpenes from cannabis only)  

The Dab Dispenser Semi-Auto helps keep each strain fresh from source to customer. “As the extractor, it’s not my job to be some kind of magician and turn [extracts] into something fantastic,” Dario explains. “It’s my job to showcase what these awesome growers have been working their butts off to bring us.” 

Collaborating with Vape-Jet   

At Vape-Jet, we work closely with brands like AVD and iKrusher to ensure our filling machines work seamlessly with our customers’ hardware.  

“That’s one of the things I’ve been super impressed about, not only have you guys had our back with our facility, but you’ve gone above and beyond to communicate with AVD,” Dario says. 

Vape-Jet’s in-house engineering team worked with AVD to create custom-designed occlusion jigs for both the AVD and iKrusher hardware to maximize the efficiency of our machine vision system and boost throughput rates while filling.  

“In the few months that we’ve been working with you, I’ve personally seen changes from AVD and from [Vape-Jet] to meet in the middle and make some really kick-ass stuff,” Dario says. 

“The occlusion jig you guys created for us has made it hands-down, almost seamless,” Joy explains. “We did experience issues filling [510s] before, but since we’ve gotten the jigs you’ve made, it’s been night and day.” 

With the [AVD] jig, we cut the time it took to fill 50 carts in half,” Dario says. “It was about six, seven minutes before. Right now, I’m filling 50 cartridges in under three minutes. I almost can’t take them out and put lids on any faster than that.”  

Ryan Hoitt got that [jig] out to us within 24 hours,” Dario remembers. “He came and dropped it off first thing in the morning, and we tested it right there to make sure it worked one hundred percent. We had one of the fastest runs that I’ve ever seen. Like just over two minutes to fill fifty carts.”  

Piloting the Dab Dispenser

The newest member of the filling fleet, our Dab Dispenser Semi-Auto, is the result of countless hours of R&D both in our facility and in our partner labs. Sessions was one of the first test pilots to join our Pilot Program, collaborating with us by providing data and feedback to improve the design of our products.  

As a witness to the evolution of the Dab Dispenser, Dario recalls changes to the machine based on feedback from their lab team. “I’ve been super impressed about [the Pilot Program] every step of the way. We’ve seen several different variations and modifications.” 

“It seems like every single day, you guys came in here and tweaked the [Dab Dispenser] a little bit,” Dario says. “You might have had a new piece of hardware, a software update, cutting down fill times, cutting down load times—just adding new things.” 

“I was actually very happy with the product that you all brought to us two, three months ago, but Ryan and Devon said, ‘We’re not even close to done there’ and they’ve kept going.” 

How did the Dab Dispenser do?  


By hand, their team can fill and package 400 to 600 jars a day, a number dependent on operator experience and a host of other variables in a very manual process. With the initial prototype of the Dab Dispenser Semi-Auto? They are gramming 300-350 jars an hour. “Right now, my extraction teams are making 5,000-7,000 grams a day,” Dario says.  


“[The Dab Dispenser] helps reduce the amount of burnout that the packagers feel from sitting there and repetitively gramming by hand,” Joy explains. 

Simplifying production and saving on labor is also a huge competitive advantage. “[Vape-Jet] gives us the opportunity to compete with larger corporations or companies that have [more] money to spend on labor. For us to be a small company and be able to, put out that much product in such a short amount of time is a game-changer.” 

Preserving Product Quality  

Sessions’ extracts consists of outdoor-grown flower, varying in viscosity and thickness, meaning their semi-auto machine is dialed in for each strain. Producing less terpene-heavy strains, the Dab Dispenser is a perfect platform to nail that batter, budder and sauce consistency. 

“For the good majority of our strains, [the Dab Dispenser] is freakin’ perfect,” Dario says. 

Accounting for the ideal filling variables of each strain, the Dab Dispenser can preserve strain-specific characteristics while weight-checking each individual jar, allowing operators to package products quickly, preserving flavor and quality. 

Every gram looks good, too: “The gram presentation is fantastic,” Dario says. “You get a nice little gram right in the center of the jar. There’s nothing on the sidewalls, nothing on the lids.”  

“We haven’t really had any issues with jamming, blowing motors, or putting too much pressure—[the Dab Dispenser is] a pretty seamless process,” Dario says. 

The Sugar Tree Farm team has also been test piloting our Fuel Injector pre-roll infusion kit.

Vape-Jet Support  


When it comes to getting the support you need, quick communication is the best way to limit downtime. “[Vape-Jet] support has been great on any questions we asked,” Jeremiah says.   

Support Tickets  

“I really liked how you can access tickets and support requests right from the machine,” Dario says. “Throughout the day, I’ve had questions and reached out to the Vape-Jet team, and while I’m doing my workflow without having to stop, I’ll get a notification and message right on the screen. So that’s really cool—just because it’s so instant.”  

Technical Support Professionals  

“Everybody is so respectful,” Joy says. “You never get the feeling that like you’re bothering them, or they think they’re above you.”  

“You guys have given us the opportunity to grow as a company, given us the ability to survive as a small mom-and-pop operation. And, in my opinion, I think some of the mom-and-pop operations have some of the highest quality products in this industry.”  

“For consumers as a whole, the opportunity to try products from all kinds of companies and not just big conglomerates—you’ve really saved the little guy by creating products that streamline our business and help us to compete on the same level as bigger companies.” 

Another company might see us as not that big of a deal. Or like we don’t deserve as much attention as somebody else because we’re smaller, but you never get that feeling with Vape-Jet. You always feel like [Vape-Jet] really care about their customers genuinely.” 

Elevating Production with Vape-Jet

Was the team at Sessions able to exceed their production goals and expand operations?   

“Tenfold,” Joy confirms. “We had no idea what we were going to be capable of. And now that we have two Vape-Jets and a Dab Dispenser…”  

“It took us about a month to realize that one Vape-Jet wasn’t going to be enough,” Dario says.   

“Joy can tell you that she gets phone calls every single day, asking, ‘When are more carts going to be on the menu? Do we have more? How many more do we have?’”   

“We’re pumping out almost double the amount of units that we were doing six months ago. And we thought we were doing pretty good six months ago, and we’re not even at full speed yet.”  

Looking Ahead with Sugar Tree Farm  

By harnessing the power of automated vape-filling and dab dispensing technology, Sugar Tree Farm, Sessions, and Dab Factory have elevated their production processes and set new standards in quality and scalability. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this amazing team.  

Other Vape-Jet Success Stories: 

Proper Brands  
Ration, Blue Box Brands & BeGreen Supply  
True North Collective MI  
C3 Industries 
Terrapin Care Station  

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Coming Up: Vape-Jet Lands in Boston

Join Us at NECANN 2024

March 22-23 marks a significant weekend for cannabis connoisseurs and industry leaders as the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA, prepares to host the prestigious New England Cannabis Convention – NECANN Boston. As an integral part of this evolving market, Vape-Jet is excited to announce we’ll be exhibiting at the event (booth #1215), ready to showcase the pinnacle of cannabis packaging technology and innovation.

Since its inception in 2014, NECANN has been meticulously crafting conventions that serve the cannabis industry by fostering growth and providing platforms for businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, patients, advocates, and consumers to collaborate and expand. NECANN’s commitment to focusing on local market potential makes its conventions a crossroads of progress and opportunity.

What’s in Store

Commencing with the Green Market Report Finance Summit on Friday and concluding with the NECANN Cup Awards Show (which is free with admission) on Saturday, the convention promises to pack a plethora of activities and experiences into two enlightening days. Over 350 exhibitors will grace the convention this year, along with five full programming tracks, multiple workshops, and a day-long financial/investor summit. View the full programming schedule and get your tickets here.

Vape-Jet at NECANN

At Vape-Jet, we know that with swiftly changing technologies and trends, staying updated is the key to staying ahead. We’re bringing our A-game to NECANN Boston, with interactive demonstrations and educational resources. Come by booth #1215 to discover our innovative approach to cannabis product packaging, and learn how our machines provide unparalleled precision and reliability including:

We will also have all of our latest accessories like the Fuel Injector pre-roll infusion solution, the Flight Deck base cabinet, and the Drop Tank reservoir pre-heater.

Say Hello to Our Crew and Our Industry Friends

Connect with crew members like Sales Lead Sawyer Sheppard, Product Support Expert Nathan “Nate-Jet” Kinney, and Creative Director Carly Hoitt at booth #1215.

We’re proud to be exhibiting alongside leading companies in the industry, including some of our customers! Make sure to visit these booths at the show: C3 Industries #606, Cilicon #523, Dablicator #1414, Fernway #500, Greentank Technologies #506, iKrusher #1214, Media Bros #1122, O2VAPE #110, RollPros #410, Tessie International #1219, and Vertical Supply Company #1419.

Join Us for Two Days of Expansion and Innovation

Whether you’re fine-tuning your craft, scaling operations, or simply have an undying curiosity for the latest in cannabis technology, NECANN Boston is a can’t-miss event. Prepare to be inspired, look forward to learning, and brace for exploration.

Don’t miss out on a chance to experience Vape-Jet’s tech firsthand. Come find us at booth #1215, meet our crew, and discover why Vape-Jet is the future of cannabis packaging automation!

Here’s a look at last year from the NECANN team.

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Automation Vape-Jet

Vape-Jet on SciPhy Systems’ ‘Plants to Plants’ Interview Series

Episode 18: Cartridge Filling Innovation, Automation, and Customer-Centric Design

We had the honor of being featured on SciPhy Systems’ “Plants to Plants” interview series, where we delved deep into the evolution and impact of our cartridge filling automation technology.

Vape-Jet’s Journey

Our inception is a story of innovation born from necessity. Witnessing firsthand the labor-intensive process of manual cartridge filling, our CEO, Developer and Founder Ryan Hoitt recognized a glaring need for efficiency and precision. This led to the creation of Vape-Jet, our answer to the industry’s need for flexible automated solutions. Through our development, we have stayed laser-focused on continually evolving our cartridge filling machines, making significant strides in reducing labor while increasing output.

Revolutionizing the Industry with Machine Vision

The main differentiator of our fully automatic cartridge filling machine is the integration of advanced camera and machine vision systems. This technology has been a game-changer, eliminating major manual labor steps and streamlining the entire process. Our approach allows for real-time adjustments and ensures unparalleled accuracy, setting a new standard in the industry.

What really was the key differentiator was that camera and machine vision system, which eliminated a major labor step, even though it’s an automated machine. If you have to spend two to three minutes per tray transferring everything over, you’re just shifting your labor from one place to another. So what really differentiated us from the competition was the ability to get the box from UPS dropping off the box, opening up the box, slicing it open, grabbing the tray, putting it directly on the machine, and not have that be pre-programmed in. Have that be figured out on the fly by the system.” – Ryan Hoitt

Vape-Jet 4.0 | The Most Advanced Fully-Automatic Vape Cartridge Filling Machine - Click to Learn More

Navigating Industry Shifts

The cannabis landscape is ever-evolving, with consumer preferences shifting towards more sophisticated products like live resins and rosin. Vape-Jet’s cartridge filling automation systems are designed with adaptability in mind, allowing us to swiftly respond to changing market demands and maintain our position at the forefront of the industry.

We do see the live resin market really picking up and doing well, especially in the established states. You’re seeing the distillate carts do really well in new markets. People are discovering, people are finding out the brands they like, they’re discovering the product. But over time, what we do see–the California’s, the Oregon’s, the Washington’s, the Colorado’s–definitely see more of a focus on craft and live and not taking stuff all the way down to distillate.” – Ryan Hoitt

Automation: A Solution to Customer Challenges

In facing labor shortages and high turnover, our automated solutions have proven invaluable. By reducing dependency on manual labor, Vape-Jet’s cartridge filling automation not only addresses immediate operational challenges but also sets the stage for sustainable growth and scalability within the cannabis sector.

The key thing for us when we look at companies that have adopted automation versus companies that rely on the brute force of labor hours, is labor shortage. Turnover is a big risk; you might have somebody that could fill a lot of cartridges very quickly and is highly skilled. But your chances of losing that person and then losing their expertise, and falling behind on your production targets, is always a higher risk. And when you have a machine that has great support that’s fully automated and just requires a person to supervise it, and to change out trays and can do something else at the same time–packaging probably–then you’ve greatly reduced your risk. So not onl are you actually saving money because you’re no longer paying for a person, but you’re also dramatically reduce the chance of turnover and the costs of re-skilling, a huge, huge factor for a lot of companies either makes the business or breaks the business.” – Emmett McGregor

Looking Ahead: The Future of Automation in Cannabis

As we continue to evolve and adapt, our focus remains on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this industry. The insights shared during our discussion on “Plants to Plants” are just a glimpse into the future we envision—a future where efficiency, precision, and customer-centric design lead the way.

Vape-Jet’s filling solutions, alongside other forward-thinking companies like SciPhy Systems, are shaping a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable future. For a closer look at how SciPhy Systems can transform your cannabis processing capabilities, visit their website and join us in embracing the next wave of cannabis industry evolution.

We’re committed to not only meeting but exceeding the needs of today’s producers and consumers. Stay ahead of the curve with Vape-Jet’s fully automatic and semi-automatic vape filling machines. Explore how our innovative solutions can streamline your operations and elevate your product offerings.

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Exploring the Frontier of Terpene Science with Abstrax Tech

As the world of cannabis evolves, the pursuit of quality and innovation is a constant endeavor. Abstrax, a leader in terpene production, stands at the forefront of this quest. Known throughout the industry for their scientific approach to crafting terpenes, Abstrax’s expertise is not just in manufacturing; it’s in pioneering the understanding of cannabis and terpenes. Through their recently released four-part white paper, “The Science of Exotic Cannabis,” Abstrax offers a deep dive into the intricacies of cannabis science, a treasure trove of insight and information for processors and connoisseurs alike. 

Abstrax | The Leader of Flavor Science and Research | Click to Learn More

The Abstrax Terpene Process 

The journey of crafting perfect terpene profiles at Abstrax starts with a discerning selection of cultivars. They prioritize unique and flavorful cultivars over trendy ones, understanding that the consumer’s repeat purchase hinges on this crucial choice. The process then unfolds through advanced analysis, outpacing the industry norm by identifying over 500 compounds in cannabis compared to the usual 30-40. This approach establishes a new standard in authenticity and precision. 

Abstrax’s philosophy centers around the sensory impact of terpenes, focusing on aroma and taste rather than just purity percentages. This guides their formulation process, where expert chemists use advanced analytical data to recreate authentic terpene profiles. Each product, from their Native Series to Cloudburst, resonates with the essence of the original plant, crafted entirely in-house. 

Our mission at Abstrax is to demystify the flavors and fragrances of cannabis and provide knowledge that not only enhances the consumer experience but also opens new avenues for product development.
Max Koby, CEO & Co-Founder of Abstrax 

The Science of Exotic Cannabis  

In their groundbreaking series, “The Science of Exotic Cannabis,” Abstrax delves into the evolving aroma of cannabis, identifying unique compounds that define the scent profiles of exotic strains. The first part of the series, “The Science of Exotic I: The Dawn of Flavorants,” reexamines terpenes and their role in scent generation from chemical and sensory perspectives, questioning the effectiveness of terpene profiles in discerning aromas. Learn More 

The Absrax Periodic Table of Flavorants

“The discovery of these compounds will play a crucial role in validating cannabis’ authenticity and accurately classifying cannabis varieties in the future. It also enables Abstrax to create the most flavorful and authentic cannabis flavors utilizing these previously undiscovered cannabis compounds. This research is important for consumers, researchers, brands, cultivators, labs, regulators, and everyone in between.” 
Max Koby, CEO & Co-Founder of Abstrax

The second paper, “The Science of Exotic II: The Curious Case of Chem,” explores the chemistry behind distinctive aromatic characteristics, particularly the funky, chemical, and savory notes found in strains like GMO and Chemdawg. It spotlights pivotal compounds such as Indole and Skatole, linking them to other naturally occurring compounds and their role in psychedelics. Learn More 

Abstrax'x Exotic Cannabis Aroma Spectrum

“This new chemistry will open the doors for exciting new avenues of research and classification schemes that are grounded in the very thing that makes so many cannabis varieties unique – their aroma. While this research may answer many questions, it opens just as many new possibilities for this incredible plant.” 
Kevin Koby, Chief Science Officer at Abstrax 

These white papers provide an in-depth understanding of the aromatic compounds in cannabis, allowing Abstrax to create terpene blends that authentically capture the plant’s natural essence, enhancing the consumer’s sensory experience. 

“Cannabis is used medically for many health ailments, but there are so many questions remaining as to how it works and if we can enhance those properties by creating new varieties with specific chemistries. We hope our work will open new avenues of research for others to better understand this unique plant and harness its full therapeutic potential.” 
Dr. Iain Oswald, PhD, Principal Research Scientist at Abstrax 

Vape-Jet’s Mission of Terpene Preservation 

Following the impactful research and product development by Abstrax, it’s essential to consider how the consumer experiences these advancements in the final product. This is where Vape-Jet steps in, with its cutting-edge filling machines designed to maintain the integrity and quality of cannabis oils, especially those rich in Abstrax’s terpenes. 

Vape-Jet’s technology is engineered to protect the delicate balance of these oils. Our fully-automatic and semi-automatic filling machines feature three independently controllable heat zones, ensuring that they operate at the lowest possible temperatures. This meticulous temperature control is crucial for preserving the intricate flavors and aromas of the terpenes, preventing any thermal degradation. 

Vape-Jet 4.0 | The Most Advanced Fully-Automatic Vape Cartridge Filling Machine - Click to Learn More

Each of our filling machines includes a nitrogen pressurized fluid path that plays a vital role in safeguarding the quality of even the thickest oils, including live resin and rosin. The nitrogen pressure minimizes oxidation and evaporation, ensuring your vapes are filled without compromising the quality of cannabis concentrates.” 

The collaboration between Abstrax’s terpene expertise and Vape-Jet’s technological innovation creates a perfect synergy. This partnership ensures that the nuanced qualities of the terpenes are not just created with scientific precision but are also delivered to the consumer in their most pristine form. 

“Vape-Jet dispensing technology was engineered for mild operating conditions from the beginning. This newfound understanding from Abstrax about the delicate and nuanced chemical composition of cannabis highlights the benefits our filling systems can provide for consumers who seek true-to-strain vaporizer alternatives for their favorite flowers.” 
Devon Reid, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Vape-Jet 

Abstrax’s Impact on Your Business 

Abstrax’s products and research are instrumental for cannabis processors, enhancing the appeal of their end products to consumers. By offering a diverse range of terpenes, Abstrax caters to varied consumer preferences, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of quality and experience. 

Abstrax’s dedication to advancing cannabis science is not just about product development; it’s about shaping an industry where quality, experience, and innovation coalesce. Their partnership with Vape-Jet reflects a shared commitment to excellence, ensuring that the best of science and technology come together for the benefit of the cannabis community. 

For an in-depth understanding of their groundbreaking work, we highly recommend reading the full white papers and other research released by Abstrax.

We invite you to explore Vape-Jet’s innovative vape cartridge and device filling machines to discover how we can elevate your product quality and increase your production efficiency. 

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Vape-Jet 2023 Company Review 

Vape-Jet Exec Team

Letter from Vape-Jet CEO Ryan Hoitt  

Looking back at 2023, I am happy to reflect on the incredible journey Vape-Jet has undertaken over the past year. Despite the challenges faced by the cannabis industry, Vape-Jet has not only persevered but thrived. Our commitment to innovation, customer-focused solutions, and strategic growth have propelled us to new heights. Join me as we revisit the key milestones and achievements that defined our success in 2023.  

A Year of Innovation: Key Achievements

Jet Fueler 3.0 Machine Upgrade  

In early 2023, we unveiled the Jet Fueler 3.0, a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement. The new high-force pump resulted in an average 20% boost to throughput, along with a sleeker interface, multi-dose dispensing, and LED indicator—making operators’ work smoother.  

Dab Dispenser Pilot Program  

Breaking new ground, we announced the Vape-Jet Dab Dispenser, revolutionizing extract production. Designed to automate the processes of dispensing concentrates into jars, the Dab Dispenser offers customers the same Vape-Jet standard of innovation to replace another traditionally manual process.

What sets us apart is our commitment to involving customers in the final testing phase. Our exclusive Pilot Program, where five hand selected participants collaborate with our engineers, reflects our belief in co-creating the future of cannabis automation. Most importantly, “the Test Pilots love the Dab Dispenser!” CSO Devon Reid says. “People can’t express how happy they are that this machine exists; it finally makes concentrate packaging a scalable business. Expect improved employee retention plus better margins.”  

Unified Software and Product Enhancements  

Focusing on user convenience, we unified software across all our products, ensuring future enhancements benefit all filling machines and any additional products. Notable product enhancements include improved operator views with LED lighting for Vape-Jet syringes, and separated formulation and hardware configuration profiles.  

“One key to our success is listening,” CFO Brian Kuo explains. “We’re not about one-time releases. We evolve with your feedback, pushing out improvements seamlessly. It’s not just about the product; it’s about a continuous partnership with our clients.”

Creative Response to Challenges  

In true Vape-Jet fashion, we faced challenges head-on, responding to our first cease-and-desist letter with a touch of humor—a cat meme! Our ability to navigate challenges creatively reflects the resilient spirit of our crew.

State of the Industry  

The state of the cannabis industry in 2023 is a nuanced panorama, revealing a sector marked by challenges and resilience. The financial landscape has undergone a notable shift, with 34% of participants reporting revenue decreases, surpassing the 20% reporting revenue increases. A significant 53% admitted to being unprofitable in the most recent fiscal year. However, amidst these challenges, 39% reported profitability, showcasing the industry’s capacity to adapt. The diverse nature of U.S. state-legal cannabis markets contribute to distinct outlooks for companies in various regions. Insights from various states, such as accounts of the stress faced by permitted farms in California and oversupply’s impact in Arizona, underscore the diverse challenges encountered.   

Collectively, these insights depict an industry in flux, contending with financial challenges, oversupply issues, and evolving regulatory landscapes. However, the resilience and adaptability of cannabis businesses, coupled with ongoing legislative efforts, set the stage for a transformative 2024. As the industry steps into this new year, it stands at a crossroads, embodying both progress and persisting challenges, with legislative efforts, evolving regulations, and public support shaping its trajectory.  

Ryan Hoitt, CEO  

2023 Financial Growth with CFO Brian Kuo  

In 2023, our theme was growth and expansion. We moved to a 9,000+ sq ft facility, introduced new products to the market, and grew our team. 2023 was still a tumultuous year for the cannabis industry, and the economy as a whole with the interest rate environment making it challenging for Companies to find funding. Luckily, we were “default alive” and cash flow positive/profitable and continued the trend from 2022 by having its best year ever in 2023, including several company record-breaking months throughout the year.    

Our continued mission of innovation (in a space that often grows stale with retrofits and dated equipment) continues to build value for our clients and pushes us to innovate to pass even more benefits to our customers. This mission emphasizes growth alongside our customers, crew diversity and experience, heavy investments in R&D, and local manufacturing, assembly, and support of our filling machines.   

As we look to the new year, I want to take a moment to reflect on some of our accomplishments:    

  • In 2023, our YoY (year-over-year) revenue grew by almost 53%*    
  • We have been profitable and cash flow positive since 2020, with an approximate 236% growth in profitability YoY in 2023*    
  • We have simultaneously increased our total assets by more than 22% with no new long-term debt while also rewarding our stakeholders  
  • Our crew crushed it this year, so we rewarded their hard work by increasing our employee profit share bonus by approximately 63% from the prior year  

Brian Kuo, CFO    

*Financial data included in this blog is unaudited and not to be relied upon for investment decisions. 2023 has not been closed at the time this blog was written. Some figures are estimates.   

2023 Operational Growth with CSO Devon Reid and Operations Manager Chuck Rouse 

In 2023, Vape-Jet experienced significant operational growth. First, we increased production capacity substantially, reflecting our commitment to meeting the escalating demand for our products. This expansion allowed us to shatter previous records, achieving a noteworthy milestone—ZERO lead time on Jet Fueler and Vape-Jet filling machines for the first time in company history.   

The move to a larger warehouse marked a pivotal moment in our journey. Formerly scattered across three separate two-story units, our entire team now operates cohesively under one expansive roof, boasting over 9,000 square feet of space. “Our new warehouse accommodates virtually all of manufacturing, shipping, receiving, technical support, and research and development functions,” Devon says. “The reduction in wasted steps and touch points enabled the R&D process to transfer two new products into manufacturing, launching the Flight Deck accessory for Vape-Jet and the Dab Dispenser for extract packaging.”

“The operational efficiencies of the single-roof-facility are born out in the numbers,” Operations Manager Chuck Rouse says. “Year over year we produced 41% more Vape-Jets, 11% more Jet-Fuelers, and saw total units completed (including Squish-O-Matic, Flight Deck, and the new Dab Dispenser) rise 13%.” 

Moreover, our local team has grown over 30%, with expansion across our on site manufacturing and product support departments. This infusion of new talent not only reflects our dedication to bolstering internal capabilities but also underscores our pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our operation.

2023 Customer Support and Engagement 

At Vape-Jet, our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond delivering cutting-edge products; it extends to the ongoing support and engagement we provide to our customers. In 2023, we continued to elevate our customer support initiatives, ensuring that our clients experience seamless post-sales service.  

Updates to Documentation and Self-Guided Resources  

We updated our documentation and introduced self-guided resources on our HelpDesk

Expansion of Product Support Team  

We expanded our product support team to provide timely assistance and troubleshooting.  

Product support also means assisting our customers with ramping up their production. “We were a 3000-4000 package a week lab, now, we’re a 12,000-15,000 package a week lab,” Larry Decristofaro, Proper Brands’ Director of Processing says. “[Vape-Jet] is not just helping us grow by the numbers, it’s helping us grow in our thought processes.” 

Rapid Response Times   

We maintained our same-day response commitment, with response times as little as 15 minutes.  

“I’ve had nothing but good experiences,” Bobby from ElevatedRX says, “[The support team has] always been there for us any time we need anything. I’ve never encountered someone where I’ve felt like they were having a ‘bad day.’” 

Automation for Faster Responses  

We implemented automation in our internal systems not only to expedite product support response times but also to streamline scheduling processes.  

Refined Hardware Compatibility Testing  

We refined our hardware compatibility testing process, assuring that our products work harmoniously with various hardware setups. 

Coming Soon: As part of our ongoing commitment to customer support, we’re excited to announce a new hardware compatibility resource set to be released in Q1 2024. This comprehensive resource aims to provide customers and potential clients with valuable insights into hardware compatibility and usage optimization. Stay informed about this upcoming release by signing up for our newsletter and joining us on our journey of continuous improvement and innovation at Vape-Jet.  

2023 Community and Industry Engagement with Creative Director Carly Hoitt  

At Vape-Jet, we don’t just create cutting-edge automation solutions; we actively engage with the cannabis industry, forming partnerships, participating in events, and collaborating with like-minded innovators. Here’s a glimpse into our involvement in 2023:  

“We’re not about chasing the hype,’” adds Ryan Hoitt. “Our collaborations are all about genuine connections. It’s not about appearances; it’s about building real relationships.”  

New Partners and an Expanded Partner Program  

We are proud to announce the addition of new partners to our growing network. As part of our commitment to collaboration, we’ve expanded our partner program, welcoming brands that share our vision for excellence in cannabis production.  

“In 2023, our Partner Program and participation in several collaborative events demonstrated the undeniable power of social proof,” Carly says. “Working collaboratively with our partner brands has not only fortified our industry relationships but has also significantly enhanced our ability to serve and support our existing customers, cementing our role as leaders in innovation and customer satisfaction.”  

2023 Partners:   

  • Greentank – provides high-quality, reliable vaporizers that surpass industry standards.   
  • iKrusher – a trailblazer in disposable vapes, 510 thread batteries, cartridges, vape pod systems, and portable vaporizers.  
  • N.N. Analytics – built to serve the rapidly developing vaping industry with honest and effective consulting, N.N. Analytics supports their customer’s efforts in achieving national and international regulation standards.   
  • Abstrax – the only U.S. licensed company for in-house study, extraction, and formulation of botanical terpene profiles. With proprietary GCxGC technology, Abstrax tests for over 400 compounds, surpassing industry standards.  
  • Media Bros – bring a scientifically engineered approach to improve extraction technologies, focusing on quality and throughput.   
  • Luna Tech – introduces patented automated systems for easier extraction and better extracts.   
  • 2 Bridges Cannabis Design – provides expert advice for new and existing cannabis companies in facility design and operation.  

If you’re interested in joining our program, apply here!  

Coming Up: NECANN Boston 2024  

Looking ahead, Vape-Jet is gearing up for NECANN Boston March 22-23, 2024. This event is another exciting opportunity to engage with our customers, share our industry insights, and explore potential collaborations. Stay tuned for updates and stop by booth #1215 to meet the crew and see our tech for yourself.

2024 Growth Goals and Vision  

Reflecting on 2023  

Entering 2024, we recognize the importance of establishing clear benchmarks to sustain our growth and keep our crew accountable. Before we dive into our goals for 2024, let’s look at how we did with our goals for 2023.

  • Major Product UpgradeAchieved with Jet Fueler 3.0
    The release of Jet Fueler 3.0 in the first quarter showcased our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. 
  • New Product LaunchAchieved with Dab Dispenser  
    The unveiling of the Vape-Jet Dab Dispenser, in tandem with our exclusive Pilot Program, allowed customers to actively participate in product testing. 
  • International CertificationsAchieved with CSA Certification  
    Obtaining CSA certification for both Vape-Jet and Jet Fueler was a crucial milestone. Now, we can enter new international markets, particularly in Canada.  
  • Enhanced SupportAchieved with Improved Response Times  
    Our commitment to customer support reached new heights in 2023. Achieving our goal of increased support hours and improved response times ensures that our customers receive prompt and effective assistance whenever needed.  

Looking Ahead to 2024  

As we embark on our journey in 2024, Vape-Jet remains committed to innovation, customer satisfaction, and collaborative ventures that will shape the future of cannabis automation.

  • Continued Software Innovation
    Vape-Jet is poised to continue innovating on the software front. With a dedicated focus on refining and expanding our software capabilities, we aim to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that enhance the performance of our machines.
  • Customer Support Excellence
    Our dedication to customer support remains a cornerstone of our ethos. In the coming year, we will further our efforts to ensure that every customer receives unparalleled assistance.
  • Leveraging AI for Efficiency
    Vape-Jet is set to leverage additional artificial intelligence (AI) tools to optimize internal processes and increase efficiency. Customers can anticipate encountering these AI features within our machine software, representing a seamless integration of advanced technology into our offerings.
  • Collaborative Ventures with IoT Technology
    Looking beyond our immediate sphere, Vape-Jet is eager to collaborate with other companies interested in implementing our IoT technology and product support processes into their cannabis automation offerings. If you’re developing something groundbreaking, reach out to us, and let’s explore the possibilities together.  

Onward and Upward!

As the crew embarks on another exciting year, we express our deepest gratitude to our partners, customers, and the entire Vape-Jet community for their unwavering support in 2023. “This year our growth at Vape-Jet has been nothing short of outstanding, and this is thanks to our partners, customers, and incredible operators in the field,” Sales Lead Sawyer Sheppard says. “We can’t wait to continue to innovate, support, and create better tools for our partners in 2024!” 

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MJBizCon 2023: Vape-Jet Returns to the Arena

MJBizCon 2023 has wrapped, and it’s clear that this year’s event was more than just a gathering – it was a testament to the resilience and progress of the cannabis industry. The Vape-Jet team was excited to return, showcasing our latest innovations and reconnecting with our community.

This year’s booth set up.
Carol and Jonathan from the Inferno team dropped by the booth.

This year, we observed a shift in the atmosphere. Despite a strong presence of exhibitors, overall attendance was noticeably lower than in previous years. However, this didn’t detract from the experience; it seemed to enhance the quality of interactions. The attendees who were present appeared more invested and established in the industry. Unlike past years, where curiosity led many to explore, this year’s crowd was distinctly serious and committed to the business.

A look at our crew in action on the 2023 show floor.

Vape-Jet’s Showcase Highlights

This year at MJBizCon, Vape-Jet showcased our latest technological advancements. Our booth featured the latest iterations of our Vape-Jet fully automatic and Jet Fueler semi-automatic vape cartridge and device filling machines, prototypes of our Fuel Injector pre-roll infusion solution, and the sleek new Flight Deck base cabinets. But what truly stole the show was the first iteration of our Dab Dispenser – a glimpse into the future of cannabis processing and packaging efficiency.

The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the hard work and dedication we’ve poured into these products. As Sawyer Sheppard, our Sales Lead, aptly put it, “MJBiz 2023 was the culmination of a year of hard work. It was a moment to celebrate what we as an industry have done this year.

Vape-Jet 4.0 fully automatic cartridge and device filling machine.
Dab Dispenser semi-automatic jar filling machine.

Networking and Partnerships

Networking at MJBizCon 2023 was a highlight, with the Vape-Jet team forging new relationships and reconnecting with valued clients. The power of customer satisfaction was evident, as our loyal clients enthusiastically introduced us to potential partners. Brian Kuo, our CFO and Co-Founder, reflected, “We had a fantastic time reconnecting with our valued clients and forging new relationships within the industry.

After hours at this year’s convention was prime networking time. Vape-Jet brought a one of a kind experience to the Good Life Gang’s much-anticipated annual event. Embracing our innovative spirit, our CEO and Founder Ryan Hoitt (along with several members of our manufacturing crew) transformed our latest product, the Dab Dispenser, into a one-of-a-kind attraction: the first-ever dab dispensing slot machine. This endeavor involved retrofitting the design with a 1960s era slot machine arm, custom coding, all complemented by an e-nail and a bespoke dab rig, ingeniously designed by John Mark from the Sci Phy Systems team using extraction equipment parts.

This invention was not just a showpiece but became a focal point for interaction, drawing in both extractors and consumers. It offered a novel way for attendees to engage and connect, embodying the inventive and collaborative spirit of the cannabis industry. The dab dispensing slot machine, a blend of technology and fun, resonated with the Vegas vibe, making it a crowd favorite and a topic of conversation throughout the rest of the week.

Reflections on Growth and Community

Looking back at our journey since our first MJBizCon in 2020, the evolution of Vape-Jet has been remarkable. Devon Reid, our CSO and Co-Founder, reminisced, “The first time we attended MjBizCon in 2020, we easily blended into the crowd. Three exhibitions later in 2023, some of the most doubtful people we met in 2020 have become some of our best customers.” This transformation from newcomers to recognized industry leaders is a testament to the quality of our products and the strength of our community.

Elena from Cilicon talking tech with Vape-Jet brand rep Demetre.
Vape-Jet Sales Lead Sawyer showing an attendee the software side of our Jet Fueler semi-automatic filling machine.

MJBizCon 2023 was a testament to the spirit of innovation and collaboration that drives us at Vape-Jet. We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with our industry peers, celebrate our customers’ achievements, and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of cannabis technology.

Stay tuned for more updates from Vape-Jet, and if you missed us at MJBizCon, reach out to learn more about our cutting-edge cannabis processing solutions or sign up to receive our monthly newsletter of industry news and company updates.


Coming Up: Vape-Jet in Vegas

It’s that time of the year again! MJBizCon 2023 is just around the corner, and the Vape-Jet crew will be exhibiting for the third year in a row. From November 28th to December 1st, the Las Vegas Convention Center will become the epicenter of the industry, hosting the largest cannabis conference and expo. Prepare to be part of a one-of-a-kind experience filled with insights, networking, and the market’s most innovative products and technology

What to Expect at MJBizCon

MJBizCon 2023 promises a comprehensive agenda, covering everything from finance and marketing to science and psychedelics. The event kicks off with pre-show forums on November 28th. The re-designed expo is open November 29th through December 1st, and will feature four segmented pavilions – Cultivation Products & Services, Retail & Dispensary, Business Services, and Processing, Packaging & Lab Services where you’ll find us!

The conference, curated by MJBizDaily editors, will span three days, filled with actionable insights to help you navigate the industry’s current challenges.

VJ at MJ

We’re excited to showcase our latest innovations at booth #2222, located in the Central Hall, just inside from the registration area. From November 29th to December 1st, visit us to see our state-of-the-art equipment including:

We will also have all of our latest accessories like the Fuel Injector pre-roll infusion solution, the Flight Deck base cabinet, and the Drop Tank reservoir pre-heater.

Meet the Vape-Jet Crew

Our executive team, including CEO and Founder Ryan Hoitt, CFO and Co-Founder Brian Kuo, and CSO and Co-Founder Devon Reid, will be available throughout the week. Set up a meeting to connect with them or chat with other team members like our Sales Lead Sawyer Sheppard, Product Support Expert Nathan “Nate-Jet” Kinney, and Creative Director Carly Hoitt.

We’re excited to have some of our valued customers join us again this year. You’ll meet Jonathan Winn (Director of Manufacturing at Inferno), Larry Decristofaro (Director of Processing at Proper Brands), and Demetre Janness (Cannabis Consultant and the founder of Terp Logic). They’re not just industry experts; they’re machine operators who understand the day-to-day advantages of our Vape-Jet technology.

Events and After Hours at MJBizCon

Grab your tickets for Good Life Gang events! This year’s theme is “The Path to Profitability,” focusing on the best in the business for extraction. Vape-Jet is excited to be a sponsor of the GLG after hours party on Wednesday, November 29th. This annual event is a highlight for extractors, processors, and manufacturers, offering a perfect mix of great food, hash, and networking opportunities.

We’re also participating in the GLG MJBizCon Expo Passport event on the show floor, guiding attendees through a curated path of extraction-related products, technologies, and services. And be sure to check out the Path to Profitability Symposium on Thursday, November 30th, featuring industry leaders discussing success strategies in the current extraction market.

Say Hello to Our Partners and Friends

We’re proud to be exhibiting alongside leading companies in the industry. Make sure to visit these booths at the show: AVD #6413, Cilicon #5129, iKrusher #7618, Greentank #2419, CCELL #4418, BOLD #5333, RollPros #2224, Abstrax #6311, Good Life Gang #3844, Luna Technologies #4147, Sci Phy Systems #2936, and Dablicator #5608.

See You in Vegas!

Come by booth #2222 to meet the crew, grab some brand new merch items, and find out about our exclusive show floor specials available only at MJBizCon.

Here’s a look at last year to get you hyped, we can’t wait to catch up!

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Proper Brands: Customer Feature

Where do cultivation, manufacturing, and retail intertwine to create a comprehensive cannabis experience? Proper Brands, a fully vertical marijuana company in Missouri, handles all three, offering a diverse product range that few can match. With product variety, quality, and volume being the most important, Proper trusted Vape-Jet filling machines to do what they do best—fill vape cartridges with industry-leading accuracy.  

Proper Brands at a Glance 

With an extensive brand catalog consisting of Proper Cannabis, Ratio Vapes & Microdose Mints, Honeybee Edibles, Goodnight gummies and vapes, and vape cartridge operations powered by our semi-automated Jet Fueler 3.0 and fully automated Vape-Jet 4.0, we checked in with Larry Decristofaro, Proper’s Director of Processing, to see how things were going. 

See what we learned:  

Before Vape-Jet  Filling Machines

Before they switched to Vape-Jet, Proper used an A10-Hotshot semi-auto filler. As they began manufacturing live resin and rosin, Larry recognized they would have to increase volume.   

“On a good day, during an 8-hour shift, we were doing around 2,000 pens for a distillate product,” Larry says. As far as capping, Larry recalls using screw tops for a short time, but switching to AVD Eazy Press has made everything easier. “AVD has really changed the game with the Eazy Press,” he says.  

Switching to Vape-Jet

After switching to Vape-Jet, Proper fills and caps up to 7,500 vape cartridges per shift, with a single operator. That’s right, one person using a Vape-Jet (for distillate or live resin SKUs) and a Jet Fueler (for rosin) more than tripled their daily throughput.  The Vape-Jet has been a huge asset in our lab, it’s almost like a team member.”

What is Proper currently filling?  

  • Distillate with botanical terpene blends   
  • 100% live resin blends   
  • Distillate live resin hybrids   
  • 100% rosin blends   
  • Distillate and isolate hybrids   

What has improved?   

“Everything from volume to overall quality, to shot size,” Larry says. “Our workers are happier working with [your] machinery. It’s also an easier piece of equipment to learn, so I can have more people using it.”  

“We have really high fill volumes, in my opinion; our shot sizes are super accurate. And our batches are always within 2-3% of what we’re reflecting, which is great.”   

What are Larry’s favorite features?  

“You can clean the machine with a solvent easily.” And the reservoir size, Larry mentions—compared to their last filler, ”it’s huge by comparison.” Larry also notes the nitrogen-pressurized fluid path is helpful for limiting oxidation and assisting with temperature control. 

“The amount of work that goes unnoticed on the Vape-Jet vs. the competition is unmatched. Especially being able to hot swap reservoirs on the Vape-Jet; you can fly,” Larry says. “We have the Drop Tank, and it’s well worth it if you’re a high-volume producer.”   

Growing with Vape-Jet Filling Machines

As Proper transitioned from strictly medical markets to recreational cannabis markets, Vape-Jet emerged as the ultimate growth catalyst for expanding production capacity. “We were a 3000-4000 package a week lab,” Larry reflects. “Now, we’re a 12,000-15,000 package a week lab.” 

This transition wasn’t just about increased production volume; it also empowered Proper with precise control over their vape cartridge automation, allowing for fine-tuned formulations and improved operational procedures. “It’s really interesting how [Vape-Jet] has helped us grow. And it’s not just helping us grow by the numbers, it’s helping us grow in our thought processes,” Larry says. “The Vape-Jet really helped put us over the top.” 

Vape-Jet Support

Vape-Jet’s commitment to technical support is critical for bolstering production volume, especially as companies transition to recreational markets. The accessibility of Vape-Jet Support played a crucial role in getting Proper up-to-speed, from machine training to rapid troubleshooting. 

Accessible Support 

“[With Vape-Jet] you get this incredible support team, which is very valuable,” Larry says. “Our whole lab has interacted with most of your team when we were getting trained on the machine.”  

“So many of these companies are huge one day, then they’re not answering phones the next. Vape-Jet’s service has been phenomenal. They’re going to overnight a part, and they’re going to work through it with you.”  

Remote Installation

“[Vape-Jet] sends you all the tools, stays on the phone the entire time, and has techs that will go out and physically show what you’re trying to do.”  

Improved Uptime

“The other fillers I’ve had, you had to ship back to the manufacturer if you wanted anything done,” Larry says. “You could be out for weeks if they were backed up or if something got messed up in the mail. Vape-Jet overnights you parts, gets you a technician immediately, and you’re able to do it yourself.”  

The Vape-Jet crew understands the potential loss that comes when your vape cartridge filler is down. For example, if you’re filling 7,500 vape pens a day and you’re down for two weeks, that’s 75,000 pens worth of profit lost. Vape-Jet gets you back up and running in no time.  

Feedback, Tips, & Tricks from Proper Brands

Since repeatability is at the core of Vape-Jet filling machines, we turn to the expertise of experienced operators like Larry to share insights and time-tested strategies that can be universally applied to elevate your vape cartridge production. 


“A lot of people blame their fillers [for] bubbling,” Larry begins. “[The issue] often lies in the processes before getting to the filler. The Vape-Jet comes with the nitrogen boost, that’s going to kill a lot of those bubbles for you if your oil is right and it’s been exposed to temperatures similar to what you’re filling at.”  


Temperature control plays a pivotal role in the oil filling process, and different oil types require precise temperature controls for premium quality. 

  • In general, the longer your oil is exposed to heat, the more variability.    
  • Distillate, on the other hand, maintains a more consistent viscosity across a range of temperatures. 

Vape-Jet Tips

“Our rosin gets put into the Jet Fueler at a higher temperature than we produce the rosin pens at. We’ve realized that if we put the hopper below the 350g mark, we’re able to fill [carts] fast enough that it does not decarb more in the hopper.”  

“Listen to the people that are teaching you how to use this equipment. A great example I have is on the Vape-Jet when we were first getting started,” Larry explains. “One of our techs was using the machine, and we had to take the oil out of the machine for whatever reason. That person disconnected the fluid line before the nitrogen. If you listen, you won’t run into major issues.”   

Optimize Your Filling Operations

Whether it’s improving from 10,000 vape carts a week to 37,500 or the consistent quality of Vape-Jet filling machines, Larry is excited for what the future holds. “We’ve only started optimizing processes over the last two weeks,” he says. “We haven’t fully utilized the Vape-Jet to its fullest extent.”  

How likely are you to recommend Vape-Jet? I have always recommended Vape-Jet and will continue to do so,” Larry says.  

If you want to ramp up production and maintain premium quality products, reach out to our crew, and we’ll find the best solution for your business.   

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