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All Vape-Jet partners have been thoroughly vetted by our team and extensively QA-tested in the field by our customers. With this program, we are able to provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all your vape production needs.

We work smarter by working together to help our customers achieve success.

Vape Hardware Solutions

400+ Cannabis Oil Brands and Processors Trust Active (AVD)

As a leading vaporizer technology company with decades of cannabis cultivation knowledge, Active understands the relationship between cannabis extraction, formulation, absorption, and heating. This allows them to develop a superior vaporization delivery experience trusted by hundreds of cannabis oil brands across North America.  

Vape Different

iKrusher offers a wide range of disposable vapes, 510 thread batteries and cartridges, vape pod systems, and portable vaporizers that has helped brands establish new customers and maintain existing ones. It is their goal to lead the way in innovative and industry-changing vaporizer technology.

Extraordinary performance. Extraordinary reliability.

Greentank was built to revolutionize the cannabis vape market by providing high quality, reliable vaporizers that surpassed anything available. Today, Greentank collaborates with prominent cannabis brands worldwide, offering innovative and reliable vape hardware.

Innovative Cannabis Vape Hardware Solutions

Cilicon provides OBM/OEM/ODM cartridge, pods and disposables directly to cannabis companies or through its network of US-based partners. One of Cilicon’s core strengths is the comprehensive approach they take to industry chain management. From R&D and manufacturing to sales, Cilcon’s hardware quality is the result of precise control over their products. 

Vape Excellence

BOLD‘s mission is to revolutionize the cannabis experience through innovative, high-quality vape hardware. Committed to elevating safety, design and functionality in every product, ensuring a superior and reliable experience.

The "Ally" All-In-One Rechargeable Vape

TerpLogic Solutions is currently offering an All-in-One solution that’s an efficient and effective way to achieve the results you want without cotton wicking!

Custom Built Branded Cannabis Hardware & Packaging

BeGreen Supply provides both standard options and fully custom built solutions. Our team comprises industrial design, engineers, and costing experts to help your brand achieve its goals with best results.

Terpenes, Media & Supplies

Premium Natural Terpene Profiles

Whether you prefer botanical, pure hemp or hybrid flavors, you can source what you’re looking for from the terpene specialists at Arcane Aromatics. Connect with their team directly to schedule a consultation, discuss custom formulations or request a sample pack to experience their products first hand. If you’re a current Vape-Jet customer be sure to ask about our discounted Partner Pricing.

Leaders in Advanced Terpene Research & Quality Formulation

Abstrax is the only company licensed in the U.S. to study, extract, and formulate botanical terpene profiles from cannabis in-house, unlike other companies that rely on third-party labs. Their proprietary GCxGC technology allows them to test for over 400 compounds found in cannabis, far surpassing the average 30-50 compounds other labs test for. Each product is formulated entirely in-house, ensuring unique and accurate flavor profiles.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Extracts with our Filtration Technology

Media Bros was founded with a scientifically engineered approach to improve existing extraction technologies. We are a group of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, scientists, professional extractors, and growers. Focusing on performance in quality and throughput, our team set out to change the industry.

Equipment Manufacturing

Stainless Extraction Equipment & Fabrication

Oregon’s premier provider of engineering and fabrication services for the brewing, cannabis, and pharmaceutical industries, N.B.Oler designs and manufactures pressure vessels and for varying purposes in multiple sizes. Whether you need filtration devices, pressure clamps, cryogenic parts, or a complete extraction system, they are your one-stop-shop.

Automated Solutions for Cannabis & Hemp Extraction

Easier extraction. better extracts. Our patented automated system can extract 1000 lbs of fresh frozen biomass daily at the push of a button. At Luna Technologies, we’re driven by a passion for creating the best cannabis oil extraction solutions. 

Facility Design

Master Your Own Facility

2Bridges advises new and existing companies in all phases of design and operation. Whether you’re renovating an old warehouse, building a brand new facility, or need to upgrade your equipment and workflows, they’ve got you covered. They customize their cannabis design services to meet your unique project needs. 

Fully-Automatic Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

Squish-o-Matic 1000 Cartridge Capping Machine

Automatic Capping Machine

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