The Future of Vape Cartridge Production

Reduce costs and fill variabilitywhile preserving product quality with Vape Jet’s state-of-the-art fully-automatic and semi-automatic vape cart filling and capping machines. Whether you’re a small lab looking to scale or a high-volume enterprise, we have a machine that will fit your needs and help take your business into the stratosphere.  

Vape-Jet 4.0 | The Most Advanced Fully-Automatic Vape Cartridge Filling Machine

Better Cart Filling Starts Here 

Fill entire trays of cartridges quickly, accurately and without transferring into a separate jig. All while preserving the quality of your oil and terpenes with the most advanced cart-filling machine available. The latest evolution of Vape-Jet’s fully-automatic platform eliminates inefficiencies, reduces labor costs, and is backed by our industry-leading support team.

Depending on your workflow and the volume of carts you’re producing, a fully automatic machine may not be necessary. That’s why we created Jet Fueler; built using the same dispensing technology and materials as Vape-Jet, utilizing foot-pedal dispensation control.

Driven by demand and inspired by our intrepid customers, we’d like to introduce you to the Squish-o-Matic 1000, a cartridge capping machine which evenly and precisely squishes entire trays of mouthpieces securely into place.

From overnight shipping and on-site spare parts inventory to our expert team of dedicated support technicians, we’re here to ensure that your machine and your business continue to run as efficiently as possible. All Vape-Jet filling machines include a one-year warranty with service level agreement (valued at $5k) that includes access to our support team and help desk via the machine GUI or our website. We know how important it is to keep your team in action, which is why our response times are as quick as 15 minutes and always same business day.

The Future of Vape Cartridge Production in Action

Hit play to watch our vape cart filling and capping machines at work, or visit the link below to see the full video library.

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