Semi-Automatic Jar Filling Machine

The days of hand-gramming concentrates are over. Our semi-automatic jar filling machine can simultaneously fill and weight check up to 500 1g jars an hour. With a software-integrated scale, precision dispensing, and quick reservoir changeovers, the Dab Dispenser streamlines your packaging workflow and delivers ±1% fill accuracy with minimal waste and maximum quality control. The nitrogen-pressurized stainless steel reservoir and no-to-low heat design protects your concentrates against oxidation and evaporation, preserving the quality, consistency, and flavor of your dabs for the ultimate customer experience.

The Dab Dispenser can dispense badder, butter, sauce, jam/jelly, live or cured rosin, live or cured resin, and most extracts with crystals under 3mm swimming in terpenes. Contact our crew for a consultation and COA review to ensure your formulations are compatible.

Dabs with Benefits

Precision Dispensing

Verify each jar receives the desired amount of extract with ±1% accuracy with the automated weight check functionality, ensuring product consistency, reducing waste, and maximizing yield.

Extract Preservation

Protect the quality and consistency of your concentrates with nitrogen pressure and no-to-low temp operation, prolonging shelf life and guaranteeing customers receive premium product. 

Quality Control

Weight validation for every individual jar with a software-integrated scale and data reporting, assuring regulatory compliance and streamlining production. 

Industry-Leading Support

One year warranty and SLA that includes access to Vape-Jet’s team of dedicated product support technicians. Minimize downtime with quick response times, live video support, and overnighted parts.

Let's Get Technical

Fill Validation

Achieve precise fills with ±1% accuracy validated by the integrated NTEP Class II scale, maximizing yield and authorizing legal-for-trade dispensing. Never under fill a jar!


Nitrogen pressurized fluid path maintains extract quality and consistency with no-temp or low-temp operation. Protect your products from oxidation and degradation.

Reusable Reservoir

1L removable stainless-steel reservoir facilitates quick changeovers and maximizes product utilization for high throughput and minimal downtime. 

Pharmaceutical Pump

Constructed with stainless steel and FDA-compliant FFKM (Viton) o-rings and PTFE seals, ensuring product safety and regulatory compliance. 

LED Indicators

Dynamic color-changing LEDs provide real-time feedback, aiding operators in maintaining optimal dispensing speed and consistent fills. 

Ludicrous Mode

Weigh-as-you-go or turn the scale off, saving time per dispense cycle for the fastest possible throughput without weighing each jar. 

Touch Screen Interface

Easily customize dispense parameters, review, and track dispense reports, and access remote support for seamless operation. 


Operating in a closed loop mode, every dispense weight check is followed by an internal recalibration of the pump. This ensures the pump consistency stays stable even as the material changes, eliminating time consuming and confusing manual operator calibration.

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Customer Success Stories

Growing Together with C3 Industries

C3 Industries‘ experiences with older Vape-Jet models informed several of the upgrades and changes in the 3.0 they’re running now. As both a witness to—and an integral part of—our evolution as a company, C3’s loyalty to our products is the best endorsement we could receive.

Doubling Daily Output with Terrapin

Reaching average fill speeds of three and a half minutes for 50 0.5g cartridges (and four minutes for 50 1g cartridges), Terrapin has doubled their daily production volume with half of the labor cost by upgrading to a Vape-Jet fully-automatic cartridge filling machine.

With Vape-Jet You’re Never Flying Solo

Our expert team of dedicated support technicians actively support our entire fleet of Vape-Jet machines. We review data reporting, analyze configurations, and proactively provide guidance on how to optimize the performance of each active machine. All Vape-Jet filling machines include a one-year warranty with service level agreement (valued at $5k) that includes access to our support team and help desk via the machine GUI or our website. We know how important it is to keep your machine running smoothly, which is why our response times are as quick as 15 minutes and always the same business day.

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