Vape-Jet Compatibility Testing and NEW Hardware Compatibility Resource

This month, we’re talking about an important and necessary process at Vape-Jet, vape cartridge and all-in-one device compatibility testing. Whether you’re a prospective customer or already operate a Vape-Jet machine, testing is beneficial. Compatibility testing confirms whether you can start filling your hardware straight out the box, or if additional Vape-Jet product support is needed. We’ll show you what this process looks like, step-by-step, so you can stay informed and prepared.  

We’re also announcing the official launch of a Vape-Jet resource, the Vape Hardware Compatibility List. This resource page is a free tool to see if your vape cartridge or all-in-one device has been previously tested. If your hardware is listed as fully compatible on the resource page, then you are ready to start filling as soon as it lands. Our crew built this tool so you can avoid delays, launch new products ahead of the competition, and reach your production goals ahead of schedule. 

What is Vape-Jet Compatibility Testing and Why is it Necessary?

Compatibility testing is the process in which the Vape-Jet support team calibrates and dry runs a sample set of hardware through the Vape-Jet fully automatic filling machine and Jet Fueler semi-automatic filling machine. We use this process to determine whether the hardware is out-of-the-box compatible with our products, and to identify any accommodations needed to make the filling process as efficient as possible. We also run capping tests for the Squish-o-Matic if requested on the initial compatibility request ticket. (Note: Once we run a Squish test, your sample hardware will be fully capped and we are unable to return it.)

If the hardware is natively incompatible with our machine vision system, our support team will work with you to custom engineer an occlusion jig to make the filling process run smoothly. This ensures your operators get the most out of your Vape-Jet filling machine and is the first step on your journey to fully automated production. (Note: If your hardware requires a jig for the Vape-Jet, we cannot test for Squish-o-Matic compatibility until that process is complete.

How Does the Compatibility Testing Process Work?

The testing process starts at the Vape-Jet Help Desk where you will open a ticket to initiate a compatibility request. Under the “what can we help you with?” dropdown menu, select ‘Compatibility Request.’ Fill out the provided fields and include photos. (This ensures accurate identification of your hardware once it lands at our facility.)  

After you hit submit, you will receive a ticket number in the form of ‘VJSD-####.’ Your support ticket gives you direct access to a messaging portal with the Vape-Jet product support and engineering team.  

Once you receive your VJSD number, prep your hardware for shipping to our facility. Make sure to write your VJSD number on the box and include it on your shipping label. After shipping, share your tracking number in the Help Desk messaging thread. 

Once the package lands at our facility, the testing process begins. Keep in mind, the Vape-Jet facility does not have a cleanroom. For sanitary reasons, sample hardware used for testing is not returned to the customer.  

If the support team determines your hardware is out-of-the-box compatible, you’ll receive a message in the VJSD portal giving you the green light. If your hardware requires accommodations to make it compatible, the Vape-Jet team will custom design, manufacture, and deliver the necessary jig to ensure it works seamlessly with our machines. (The cost of engineering the jig specific to your hardware depends on the type of jig needed.) 

The most common jigs we provide are: 

  • Occlusion Jig—sits on top of your hardware to streamline the Vape-Jet machine vision system by simplifying needle placement. (This is most often used to accommodate hardware with same sized vapor posts and oil tank openings.) 
  • Stabilization—securely reinforces the spacing and alignment of your hardware to prevent unnecessary movement while filling, particularly if the manufacturers foam is loose or inconsistent between trays. 
  • Loading Jig—a grid bottom plate to vertically align hardware that comes individually or flat packed from the manufacturer. 
  • 510 Booster—our standard 5×10 occlusion jig precision machined from Delrin and designed to super charge the Vape-Jet machine vision system for lightning speed calibration and filling of standard 510 style cartridges.  

And while the thought of engineering a jig sounds daunting, the Vape-Jet support team walks you through every step needed to get you closer to filling. The brand Sessions had a positive experience after they worked with the support team to engineer a jig for their hardware. 

“Your team got that new jig out to us within 24 hours,” Dario remembers. “He came and dropped it off first thing in the morning, and we tested it right there to make sure it worked one hundred percent. We had one of the fastest runs that I’ve ever seen. Like just over two minutes to fill fifty carts.”   

Jump the Queue!

It can take up to three weeks to run a full test and provide compatibility results in your VJSD ticket. But there are a few ways you can move the process along and expedite your results.  

First, ensure you have properly submitted the ticket. If you are submitting multiple hardware types and sizes for testing, you must submit separate requests for each one. That means a 1mL disposable would have a different VJSD ticket number than the 0.5mL 510 cartridge because they are tested separately.  

Another way you can expedite your compatibility results is by ensuring the proper samples are shipped. That means sending a full tray of cartridges or all-in-one devices in the foam exactly as it comes from the hardware manufacturer. Our machines and testing procedures are not designed to test individual hardware, unless you are looking for Jet Fueler results only. 

Lastly, check the Vape Hardware Compatibility List before you submit a compatibility request. We add new results regularly and if your hardware is listed as compatible, then you are ready to roll. (Note: Be sure to compare the hardware samples you have with the photos included with the results. Manufacturers change foam packaging and update hardware designs periodically, which may impact compatibility. If you are unsure, open a ticket with the HelpDesk.) 

Now Live: The Vape Hardware Compatibility List

We understand how important it is to prevent interruptions in the packaging process. The Vape Hardware Compatibility List is a living resource, complete with photos and video. Refer to it first and keep it on hand for when your product line evolves. Check this list for pre-tested hardware, before submitting a new compatibility request. 

What are the benefits of pre-tested hardware? For starters, it is a guarantee that the hardware you are purchasing will pair well with the Vape-Jet fully automatic filling machine. This ensures you don’t end up with a backstock of hardware that can’t be filled with the equipment you have invested in. You also have greater insight into the filling workflow and can proactively prepare for and minimize the effects of common challenges, potentially saving a ton of time and labor cost. Pre-tested hardware also allows for a smoother calibration process with the support team. If a jig is needed, you won’t be sitting on your new hardware before you can start filling.  

Streamline Your Filling Workflow with Vape-Jet

We’ve partnered with several industry trusted hardware manufacturers, including a thorough vetting of the most popular styles from Active (AVD), BOLD, Cilicon, Greentank, and iKrusher. By partnering with these companies, we can work together to ensure success for our customers. Here’s what they had to say:  

CILICON and Vape-Jet have both supported Fernway with excellent customer service by being responsive to issues and proactively working with us to improve our product and processes.” 

— Fernway   

“Every [iKrusher] product is packaged precisely making it easy to replicate and allows the Vape-Jet to quickly move from cart to cart. Vape-Jet support has been fantastic in dialing in so many different hardware types and an ever-changing product list with different concentrate types. Truly an amazing product is going into an amazing machine.”   

— Waypoint Processing 

“[Combining AVD and Vape-Jet products] allow us to fill with precision and provide our customers with an end product that expresses all the qualities we are trying to preserve. I recommend Vape-Jet and AVD hardware for anyone serious about keeping the quality of their product intact, volume filling, and having the best support in the market.”   

— Punch Edibles 

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For a full list of our hardware partners, check out our partner directory.  

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