Vape-Jet Hardware Partner: BOLD Carts

Introducing BOLD Carts   

The Vape-Jet Crew is elevating innovation with BOLD Carts, our first brand partner of 2024. With a shared commitment to quality, design and functionality, teaming up with a revolutionary company like BOLD translates to an efficient and even more reliable experience for our shared customers.  

At Vape-Jet, vision paired with well-timed execution is one of the formulas that propel us to reach our goals. BOLD does just that by dreaming big and prioritizing innovation, sustainability, and dependability. That’s why they’re the perfect addition to our partner program. Aiming to nurture the industry, their team has always been involved in cultivation projects, focused on customer-centric products and services, and driven by technology.  

By leveraging their collective industry expertise, visionary attunement, and scaling capabilities, BOLD sets themselves apart with cutting-edge hardware. Their ability to be nimble amid stark market shifts empowers customers by providing them with the tools they need for a seamless experience. All of this, while staying true to their values—conscious, responsible and ethical advancement of the cannabis industry. BOLD Carts set out to do it all with a revolutionized industry in mind.  

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Drift All-in-One Devices

Vape-Jet x BOLD Benefits 

Verified Compatibility

The R&D is already done! Enjoy a smooth integration of pre-tested BOLD hardware with our fully-automatic and semi-automatic filling and capping solutions. Dedicate more time and resources to filling when you don’t have to worry about testing hardware compatibility.  

Preconfigured Hardware Profiles

We’ve preconfigured BOLD’s compatible hardware profiles, so you don’t have to start from scratch. After installation, the support team can calibrate your hardware and get you filling right away. 

Better Together

As brand partners, we share many of the same goals, including customer success. We believe in teams who inspire and collaborate with one another. Working alongside, instead of in competition with, each other gives everyone a leg up to go further.  

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Zirconia 510 Cartridges

The Power to Personalize 

BOLD can streamline your packaging process, providing a one-stop-shop experience. Customize your hardware with vibrant branded colors and tailor each product to exact specifications based on your unique branding needs.  

With BOLD’s premium packing solutions, you can elevate your jars, tins, pre-rolls, vape products and more. Choose from compliant packaging and non-child resistant packaging depending on your needs.

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Drift All-in-One Devices

Compatible Hardware 

What’s New? Zirconia!

At Vape-Jet, we understand the importance of quality materials for the best vaping experience. Prepare to be blown away by BOLD’s newest line of cartridges and all-in-ones made with Zirconia. With Zirconia at the core, you get tougher hardware, greater flavor, and residue-free use. BOLD Carts enhance the vape experience by setting their sights on a commitment to purity, consistency, and enjoyment through high-quality cannabis technology.  

Durability & Strength 

Zirconia is strong and lasts longer than regular ceramic and medical-grade steel. Paying premium for a longer-lasting product is an investment in the vaping experience for you and your customers. 

Heat Management 

The surface of Zirconia can withstand rapid temperature shifts. This ensures even heat distribution for a consistent draw. No more overheating and burning up precious terpenes, which is a common problem associated with other materials. With a durable and evenly heated core, you retain more cannabinoids and get to experience the truest representation of the plant. 

Flavor Preservation 

The smooth surface prevents residue buildup, for a fresher and more flavorful inhale without the gunk.  

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Zirconia 510 Cartridges

BOLD’s Product Catalog 

BOLD’s hardware is crafted with the highest standards in construction, design and tech innovation. Each cart is carefully constructed for a smoother, fuller draw each and every time.  

Vape-Jet compatible 510 cartridges include the Easy Press Glass, Polycarbonate, and Zirconia. The carts are available in silver, gold, rose gold with custom color ceramic tips. 

For those who seek a more customizable experience, BOLD’s all-in-one devices offer a variety of tank sizes (from 0.3mL to 2mL) for resin and solventless oils. The Trip, Journey and Trek are all Vape-Jet compatible. The Drift, Cruise, and Odyssey are both Vape-Jet and Squish-o-Matic compatible, providing maximum efficiency for your filling and capping workflow. 

Well-engineered batteries are just as critical to the user experience as the oil that goes in each cartridge. BOLD’s 510 compatible batteries are designed for looks, durability, and user comfort.  

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What’s Next? 

Quality hardware and precision filling solutions make way for a premium user experience pull after pull. If you are interested in taking your production to the next level, while providing a consistent and reliable product for your customers, reach out to our crew to find out how BOLD and Vape-Jet together can provide a seamless solution for your production needs.   

Vape-Jet Fully Automatic Filling Machine Filling BOLD Drift Disposable Devices

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