Vape Excellence

At BOLD, our mission is to revolutionize the cannabis experience through innovative, high-quality vape hardware. We are committed to elevating safety, design and functionality in every product, ensuring a superior and reliable experience for our customers. 

Embrace a vape partner who walks alongside you from ideation to product introduction. As your trusted partner, we’re committed to your success. Count on BOLD for steadfast support, innovative solutions and a dedication to excellence.

BOLD products are innovative and meet the highest standards in materials, construction, design and innovation. Our carts are made with a highly porous ceramic core that allows extracts to absorb into the core, providing a large contact area and creating a smoother, fuller draw. With BOLD, you get the best materials on the market and an extremely low failure rate. 

All of our products have been approved for use by multiple states at their newest and highest standards.

BOLD glass carts are available in silver, gold and rose gold and custom color ceramic tips are available.

BOLD sets the standard in customer experience by providing tunable, customizable products to enhance flavor, taste and experience.

We’ve got a wide variety of devices and tank sizes ranging from 0.3ml to 2ml. Customization available for your resin and solventless oils.

From vibrant colors to precise printing and tailored specifications, we empower you to make every product uniquely yours. Select one of our premium products to personalize or trust us with customizing one of your own devices. 

From concept to completion, we’ll work closely with you to create customized products that exceed your expectations.

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