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Six Star Service & Product Support

Vape-Jet’s Six Star Service and Product Support

With our Six Star approach to product service and support, we work with our customers to improve their workflows, troubleshoot issues, predict maintenance needs, and even integrate their design suggestions into our machines. We believe pairing our advanced cartridge-filling technology with fast, accessible product support is the best way to ensure every person involved, from vape producer to end-user, is satisfied.

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Vape-Jet Hardware Partner: CILICON 

Introducing our first official hardware partnership. Driven by innovation, technology and a shared belief in collaboration over competition, CILICON and Vape-Jet are proud to provide an integrated vape-filling solution.

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Live Resin Blog Post Cover

Vape-Jet Know-How: How to Make Live Resin Vape Carts Efficiently

As vape cartridge markets mature and consumers develop more discerning tastes, manufacturers are switching from botanical terpene flavored distillate to true-to-strain cannabis-derived terpene, “live resin” formulations. While this might seem like an easy switch, producing live resin is a complex process that demands, like everything cannabis, we follow best practices.

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