Level Up Your Filling Game: Get To Know The Dab Dispenser

For any manufacturer, efficiency and efficacy are the names of the game. To master these and produce a quality product to edge out your competitors, you’ve got to be on top of your game. Or in the cannabis concentrates industry, you’ve got to level up your filling game to continue to play – and win. 

Simply put, the machine you choose can make or break your productivity. So, how can you sift through the market’s current options today and make the right decisions for your business?  

This guide is a good start. Here we’ll dive deeper into the factors you should consider for selecting a semi-automatic dab jar filling machine. So, strap in and hold on tight – let’s get into all the basics you need to know for choosing your next best cannabis extract dispensing machine.

Key Considerations When Automating With a Dab Dispenser

With any big investment, there will be a set of factors to consider. For the Dab Dispenser, here are the crucial considerations to review for your operation:

1. Quality Control & Compliance 

Reduce steps in your operation’s process and ensure compliance with Vape Jet’s Dab Dispenser. The Dab Dispenser has an integrated scale that does a weight check for every jar during the filling process, saving you the manual labor required to weight-check products when using competitor models. 

2. Accuracy 

Ask yourself; do you have room for error when it comes to profits? One of the factors you should explore most in-depth when searching for a semi-automatic jar-filling machine is accuracy. For instance, the Vape-Jet Dab Dispenser  is the only machine with NTEP-certified, digitally recorded, and verifiable weight and accuracy data for each jar. 

3. Temperature

Thanks to the machine’s nitrogen-pressurized fluid path, many concentrates require zero heat application and can fill at room temperature, or with gentle heat applied to the reservoir and pump body.

If needed, the versatility of the Dab Dispenser comes through with two independent, digitally-controlled heat zones for the reservoir and pump body.

4. Materials 

Don’t let your dab dispenser hold you back when it comes to the type of extracts it can handle. The Vape-Jet Dab Dispenser seamlessly dispenses badder, butter, sauce, jam/jelly, and most extracts with crystals under 3mm swimming in terpenes.

How Vape-Jet’s Dab Dispenser Works

Why tell you when a video is worth 1,000 words – or, approximately 16 seconds of your time? To quickly illustrate just how simple the Vape-Jet semi-automatic dab jar filling machine is to use, here are the basic steps to operate it – 

  1. Load reservoir
  2. Pressurize with nitrogen
  3. Select profile
  4. Prime pump
  5. Start filling

Of course, there’s nothing simple about what makes the Vape-Jet Dab Dispenser so elite. So, next, let’s cover why the leading extract companies choose Vape-Jet by covering its advantages, features, and reviews.

Why You Should Use the Dab Dispenser

Who doesn’t love dabs with benefits? The Vape-Jet Dab Dispenser is the most advanced of its kind. To get more specific, here are Vape-Jet’s most talked about advantages and features that fuel the productivity of extractors across the US.


Beyond its features that will optimize your operations as a whole (we’ll get into those next), the Dab Dispenser is backed by industry-leading support and service. The machine comes with a one-year warranty and SLA that includes access to a team of dedicated product support technicians. This helps operators minimize downtime with quick response times, live video support, and overnighted parts.

Even better? Your employees will be happier, too. Any time you replace a manual process with automation, you not only increase efficiency but also improve the experience for those working by freeing up your team to focus and excel at the difficult and interesting tasks that need a human touch.. As found by our Pilot Program, the Dab Dispenser pilots have been cranking out jars and having a great time doing it.

“The Dab Dispenser helps reduce the amount of burnout that the packagers feel from sitting there and repetitively gramming by hand,” Joy Kintz from Sugar Tree Farms explains.


The Vape-Jet Dab Dispenser comes equipped with a software-integrated scale and improves precision dispensing via its pharmaceutical pump. By integrating weighing during the dispensing process, operators save valuable time by removing a secondary workflow. 

As for speed, a toolless reservoir supports quicker changeovers and as a whole, the Dab Dispenser has minimal maintenance, avoiding any downtime. To be more technical, here’s a list of Vape-Jet’s most notable features – 

  • An integrated NTEP Class II scale for maximizing yield and authorizing legal-for-trade dispensing.
  • A nitrogen-pressurized fluid path that protects products from oxidation and degradation,  helping to maintain extract quality and consistency.
  • Dynamic color-changing LEDs that help operators maintain optimal speed and consistent fills. 
  • A touch-screen interface that customizes dispense parameters lets you review and track dispense reports and access remote support for seamless operation. 
  • Auto-calibration helps ensure the pump consistency stays stable even as the material changes
  • Ludicrous Mode allows you to turn the scale off, saving time per dispense cycle for the fastest possible throughput without weighing each jar.

The NitroKnife

The NitroKnife works flawlessly to separate the extract from the Dab Dispenser’s nozzle for touchless dispensing. 

It does so through a puff of nitrogen that offers high-precision and repeatable cutting, resulting in unrivaled dispense accuracy. Reducing touch points and operator variability boosts throughput, allowing your operation to make the process much more efficient by removing the need for manual scraping.


But don’t just take it from our team of industry experts; we know who you really care to hear Vape-Jet praise from; our customers. Here are just a few words from some of the best. 

“The Dab Dispenser is not boring, like gramming by hand. It’s like I’m playing a video game. I don’t have to listen to podcasts or music to keep my day interesting.” -Dab Dispenser Pilot 

“We understood that starting small wasn’t an option in today’s competitive market. By investing in advanced equipment like the Vape-Jet, we could ensure consistent quality and meet consumer expectations.”  -Joy Kintz, General Manager – Sessions

“For the good majority of our strains, [the Dab Dispenser] is freakin’ perfect.” -Dario Flynn, Extractor Expert – Dab Factory

Take Control Of Your Filling Process Today

Say goodbye to hand gramming concentrates and take control of your filling process once and for all. It’s likely that your biggest competitors already have or will soon. 

So get the best for your best cannabis concentrates. 

Explore Vape-Jet’s Dab Dispenser more in-depth, or get in touch with our team to ask specific questions about your formulations. We’re always down to help. Our team is passionate about elevating the industry, one dab product at a time. 

Learn more about the automated gramming machine and cannabis cartridge and device filling machines you need to optimize operations with Vape-Jet

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