Vape-Jet 4.0

The Latest Evolution of Our Fully-Automatic Vape Cartridge Filling Machine

Finally, a filling machine built with cannabis in mind. The newest model of our fully-automatic cart filling machine can fill between 5,000 and 10,000 vape cartridges per shift with the lowest labor inputs of any machine on the market. Fill smarter with industry-leading product support, process consultation, warranty, and training included with every machine. 

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Powerful Software

MARVIN Platform

Our recently released software platform increases the daily output of Vape-Jet by up to 30% with faster processing, more efficient operation and improved settings integration. By reducing the time between cartridge alignment and filling by more than half, the upgrade makes it possible to fill a tray of 100 1g cartridges in as little as 4 minutes. Learn more on our blog.

Center Post Avoidance 

You’ll never have to pre-inspect vape cartridges or worry about defective ones going out the door again with Vape-Jet’s intuitive Center Post Avoidance. Our machine vision easily detects and avoids bent center posts and can even be configured to flag or skip over vape cartridges that are out of specification.

Multiple Configurations 

Vape-Jet can accommodate a myriad of product attributes and vape cart styles, including pods, syringes, capsules, and sauce jars. Able to save up to 1,000 different configurations, Vape-Jet is a master of efficiency, allowing each configuration to be easily loaded or updated as needed. Switching between different profiles and products has never been so simple.

Data Reporting

Track batches, analyze cartridge filling operations, and even view pre- and post-fill inspection photos with Vape-Jet’s robust data reporting and traceability features. Take the guess work out of your cart-filling operation knowing you can track every cart filled by Vape-Jet.

Machine Vision Alignment 

The Vape-Jet sees things that no other machine can. Our patent-pending machine vision alignment system analyzes whole trays of vape cartridges, aligns the needle overhead, and precisely fills each one to the optimal level. Our optional Center Post Avoidance feature can even identify if center posts are bent or damaged, eliminating the need for pre-inspection and alignment.

Built-In Touchscreen

Included in the latest iteration of the Vape-Jet, machine operators have full access to the control panel from an ultra-responsive 11.8″ touchscreen interface built in to the front panel of the machine. Fill cartridges, adjust settings, follow guided operating procedures and monitor progress without a secondary device.

Remote Operation

Need to monitor your Vape-Jet from elsewhere in your facility? Operate the machine remotely from any internet-capable device, including MacOS and Windows desktops, laptops, tablets via ethernet cable. You can even operate multiple Vape-Jet machines from a single device, allowing a single operator to run up to five machines at once.

Active Deployment 

We are constantly working to improve Vape-Jet’s software based upon direct customer feedback. We are regularly adding new features, custom modifications, and software updates to ensure your machine runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Do you have a custom feature or crazy idea? Let us help you build it!

Innovative Hardware 

Environmental Control

Purposefully designed and built with cannabis in mind, precisely control the temperature of your oil with 3 independently-programmable heat zones. Preserve terpenes and reduce the degradation of your distillate, rosin, CO, and other extracts. Our proportional-integral-derivative (PID) algorithms eliminate any temperature variation and preserve the overall quality of your products.  The nitrogen-pressurized fluid path not only reduces oxidation but allows for the lowest operating temperatures of any filling system.

Pharmaceutical Pump 

Precision is the name of the game. Our third-party calibrated and certified pumping mechanism can quickly and accurately dispense between 0.001ml and 5.0ml into your vape cartridges, pods, or capsules. Never worry about fill volume and cleaning up spills again.

Clean in Place

Cleaning the Vape-Jet is quick and easy with our Clean in Place procedureUsing only 200ml of alcohol, the cleaning wizard will get your Vape-Jet clean and dry for a new batch with a few clicks. The full cleanup process takes less than 10 minutes and is almost entirely automated. 

Direct to Tray Filling

Eliminate the need to manually transfer cartridges into and out of a jig. Thanks to our machine vision alignment system, Vape-Jet can automatically fill carts as shipped in vertically packaged foam trays. Simply unbox the cartridges, place the foam tray into the Vape-Jet, and start filling.

Safe Fluid Path

We ensure that your oil and products only touch the highest quality and safest materials available. The Vape-Jet fluid path is made entirely from fluoropolymers, Viton, Borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and ceramic. Swagelok fittings are used for all compression fittings and the pump dispensing valve is made from precision machined ceramic-on-ceramic without any lubricants or gaskets.

Dedicated Support

Have a question while operating Vape-Jet? Our help desk is accessible via the Vape-Jet built-in touch screen, remote interface and our website. Once a ticket is submitted, one of our dedicated support technicians will be in touch as quickly as 15 minutes and always same business day. Our engineers can also remotely view your system configurations, operation data, and error logs, in order to quickly troubleshoot issues on the fly. Rest assured; you’re never flying alone.

With Vape-Jet You’re Never Flying Solo

Our expert team of dedicated support technicians actively support our entire fleet of Vape-Jet machines. We review data reporting, analyze configurations, and proactively provide guidance on how to optimize the performance of each active machine. All Vape-Jet filling machines include a one-year warranty with service level agreement (valued at $5k) that includes access to our support team and help desk via the machine GUI or our website. We know how important it is to keep your machine running smoothly, which is why our response times are as quick as 15 minutes and always the same business day.

How do we dispense with such precision?

Watch to find out how our pharmaceutical pump and nitrogen pressurized fluid path work together to dispense with 0.25% fill variability vs our competitors’ rate of 2.5%.

Precision Dispensing Technology
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Repeatability Cost Comparison of Vape-Jet and Competitor

The Vape-Jet fluid handling system provides the most accurate and repeatable dispense on the market. Variability in fill volumes lead to customer complaints when under-filled, and product losses when overfilled. Each pump system is lab calibrated and NIST traceable so you can be assured that you fill the same exact volume, every single cartridge.

Precisely control the temperature of your oil with 3 independently programmable heat zones located at the reservoir, pump and needle. By heating at multiple points in the filling process you can maintain lower temperatures throughout, preserving terpenes and protecting product integrity. The nitrogen-pressurized fluid path reduces oxidation and allows for the lowest operating temperatures of any filling system.

Labor Cost Cartridge Hand Fill vs Jig-Load vs Vape-Jet Comparison

Filling vape cartridges by hand is nearly impossible to do accurately, and incredibly expensive. Including payroll taxes (6.2% for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare), it costs roughly $33,586.80 annually for an employee that makes $15 per hour. Doing the math, it’s clear to see that a fully automated filling system saves your operation from wasted expenses.

Operating Cost Comparison Hand Fill vs Jig-Load vs Vape-Jet

Vape-Jet can produce roughly 1 million cartridges annuallyAn employee filling cartridges by hand can only complete 260,000 per year. This equates to a per cart cost of $0.002 for the Vape-Jet, versus $0.13 for human labor. That is 65 times less labor cost per cartridge! The number of carts to break even here is approximately 250,000, and the return on investment is reached within 65 days.

The Future of Vape Cartridge Filling in Action

Hit play to watch the Vape-Jet at work.

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