Change Injection Needle

Step-by-step guide

The Vape-Jet Needle will need to be changed if it is bent during filling, or if a batch of cartridges being filled require a different needle length than the previous batch.

Needed tools:

  1. Needle-nose pliers

Needed materials:

  1. New Injection Needle


  1. Remove the old Injection Needle by gripping the Needle Luer-lock base with the needle-nose pliers and twisting counterclockwise (if viewing up the needle from the Vape-Jet Base).
  2. Select the appropriate length of new Injection Needle.
  3. Grip the Luer-lock base of the new Injection Needle with the needle-nose pliers, and insert into the Luer-lock of the Needle Holder; gently twist clockwise 1/4 turn to secure the new Injection Needle.

V1.0 – 1/25/2020 – Initial Release

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Vape-Jet Help Desk Serial Number Vape-Jet
Vape-Jet Help Desk Serial Number Jet Fueler

Where is my serial number?

On Vape-Jet the serial number is etched into the lower left corner of the door (“VJ3xx”) for version 3.0 and on a plaque (“VJ4xx”) on front panel for version 4.0.

Jet-Fueler has a sticker on the back panel and will be “JF1xx” or “JF2xx”, and so on.