Product Loading

This procedure will be performed prior to dispensing calibration and filling operations, and should be performed only after the Cleaning Procedure to maintain product specificity. 

Table of Contents

Required Materials

  1. 9/16″ open ended wrench
  2. Formulated product, up to 1200ml per batch
  3. Stir rod
  4. Silicone scrapers
  5. Vape-Jet beaker


  1. Begin with a clean Reservoir, removed from the Vape-Jet enclosure for ease of access. 
  2. With the top clamp, Viton seal, and bulkhead removed, carefully transfer your prepared product formulation into the reservoir making sure the Viton gasket area remains clean. Utilize a stir rod and/or silicone scrapers to facilitate transfer from your formulation container to the Reservoir. 
  3. Replace the Viton seal, bulkhead, and top clamp such that both clamp (top and bottom) hinges are aligned with the bulkhead dipstick.
    1. Ensure both clamps are secured tightly to avoid leaks under pressure.
  4. Open the door, connect the Reservoir bulkhead to the Vape-Jet; the dipstick port connects to the Vape-Jet PTFE oil path (semi-clear tube with barbed metal insert in the end) via the Swagelok connector. Insert the end of the PTFE tube all the way into the connector (with retention rings inside/over the barbed insert) and tighten the compression nut with the 9/16″ wrench.
  5. Connect the nitrogen port of the Reservoir bulkhead to the corresponding quick-connector (barrel style with black PTFE tubing) inside the Vape-Jet.
  6. Connect the Molex connector (square white plastic electrical connector with 4 pins) of the Reservoir to the corresponding Molex on the Vape-Jet.
  7. With the nitrogen regulator valve closed (should be turned counterclockwise until loose), open the primary valve (counterclockwise) on the nitrogen bottle, inspect regulator for leaks.
  8. Hold a cloth or paper towels underneath the Reservoir, and slowly open the regulator to pressurize the Reservoir to about 20psi. If any leak occurs immediately disconnect the Reservoir from the nitrogen supply with the quick-connector, clean any leaked product, re-tighten the clamps, reconnect nitrogen, and repeat pressurization.
    1. NOTE: Operating pressure is typically between 20psi and 60psi, depending on product viscosity and operating temperatures. The dispensing valve is maximally rated for 100psi, though it is not recommended to exceed 60psi.  
  9. Boot up the facility manufacturing computer, open a web browser and navigate to the Vape-Jet GUI bookmarked IP address.
  10. Click the “Turn On All Heaters” button underneath the “Control Functions” tab, located below the video display.
    1. If the system is totally cold, allow at least 30 minutes to heat completely before proceeding.
  11. With the Vape-Jet beaker in the filling platform holder, click “Drip Cont.” to move it underneath the needle.
  12. From the “Load/Clean” wizard located on the left panel menu of the GUI, follow steps 1 and 2. At step 3, click the “Toggle Valve Bypass” button, allowing product to flow through the oil line; click it again to stop flow as soon as product has been dispensed into the drip container (Vape-Jet beaker).
  13. The oil line is now primed and the Vape-Jet is ready to proceed with the Dispensing Pump Calibration Wizard if this is a new product formulation, otherwise, load the existing configuration profile from the “Configurations” window accessed via the gear in the upper right of the GUI and proceed with dispensing operations!

V1.0 – 1/25/2020 – Initial Release

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