Unboxing & Installation Procedure

Thank you for choosing Vape-Jet to be your automated cartridge filling solution! Please read the following instructions to install your Vape-Jet and prepare for operations.

Table of Contents

Materials Needed

  1. Computer with internet and LAN access; compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android/Chrome, and iOS.
  2. 3’x3′ minimum area workbench or table; must be sturdy and capable of supporting at least 150 pounds. 
  3. Ethernet cable (Category 5) with internet and LAN access.
  4. Three-prong AC socket, 115V single-phase.
  5. Pressurized nitrogen bottle with standard threaded valve (type CGA-580) and safety chains.
  6. Adjustable wrench
  7. 9/16″ open ended wrench
  8. Wire cutters or scissors
  9. Ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, 95% purity minimum
  10. Low-lint wipes (Kimwipes or similar)
  11. Paper or cloth towels

Unboxing Checklist

  • 1x Vape-Jet Automated Cartridge Filler (large black plastic enclosed box)
  • 1x Vape-Jet Reservoir (stainless steel tube with end fittings and silicone heat wrap)
  • 2x Vape-Jet Beaker, 75ml
  • 1x Nitrogen gas regulator
  • 1x PTFE hose, 1/4″OD x 1/8″ID x 30″ long
  • 1x AC Power Cord, 6′ long
  • 2x Luer-lock Blunt-tip needle, 18awg (one standard length needle is installed in the Vape-Jet, one extra is included)

Install Procedure

  1. With the shipping box in its upright position, use scissors to cut the tape securing the box closed, to reveal the Vape-Jet and other materials.
  2. Position the work table in a convenient location, ensuring the surface is relatively level.
  3. Remove packing material around the Vape-Jet and complete the Unboxing Checklist.
  4. Place the Vape-Jet on the work table, with clearance of 2′ in front and on both sides, to allow for the door to open and to access the power switch.
  5. Secure the nitrogen bottle and regulator in upright position with chains to the leg of the workbench, wall anchor, or other safe position in a well ventilated area.
  6. Connect the provided AC power cable to the socket on the rear left of the Vape-Jet, and plug the other end into the facility mains.
  7. Connect the facility Ethernet cable to the RJ-45 port on the rear left of the Vape-Jet.
  8. Attach the provided nitrogen regulator to your pressurized nitrogen bottle, secure with adjustable wrench.
  9. Connect the provided PTFE hose to the quick-connector on the outside upper rear right of the Vape-Jet, connecting the free end to the quick-connector on the output of the nitrogen regulator.
  10. Remove sealing tape, open the Vape-Jet door, cut, and remove the Yellow zip-ties (4 total) that secure the motion stages.
  11. Place the Vape-Jet beaker into the beaker holder on the center front edge of the filling platform.

Post Install Setup

  1. Perform Cleaning Procedure
  2. Calibrate Machine Vision
  3. Calibrate Needle Location
  4. Calibrate Pump
  5. Automatically Fill Cartridges

V1.0 – 1/25/2020 – Initial Release

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