Features and Capabilities

  • 3 Independant Zone PID Heat Control
    • Injector Assembly heater for final heating before dispense.
      • Aluminum Block /w Thermocouple. PID software controlled.
    • Pump Assembly Heater
      • 150W Resistive forced air heater /w Thermocouple. PID software controlled.
    • Reservoir Heater
      • 250W Silicone Pad Heater /w Thermocouple. PID software controlled.
  • Pharmaceutical grade dispensing pump & components.
    • Fluid Path Materials
      • Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, PTFE, Ceramic
    • Drive Mechanism
      • Stepper motor with optical encoder for on-the-fly speed changes due to oil viscosity.
      • Precision ≤ 0.05% at 100% stroke.
      • Resolution 1/6000th of 100% syringe stroke.
    • Syringe Options
      • 1ml Gastight
        • Recommended for extremely high-precision .25ml dosing.
      • 2.5ml Gastight
        • Recommended for higher-precision .5ml dosing.
      • 5ml Gastight
        • Recommended for general purpose usage.
  • Machine Vision Alignment System
    • Allows dispensing directly into foam trays as supplied by most manufacturers.
    • Operates while machine is loading syringe for dispense action.
    • Minimizes and nearly eliminates miss-fills due to poor alignment.
    • Optional pre and post fill inspection photos can be taken of each cartridge fill operation.
    • Software updatable for future cartridge styles.
  • Intuitive User Interface
    • Web-based interface. Can be used from any modern device including laptops, tablets, and desktops.
    • Wizard-driven calibration and operation systems.
    • Batch history, tracking, and analytics are available from the interface.
    • Live-chat feature with a Vape-Jet support engineer is integrated directly into the user interface.
    • Profiles can be saved and loaded to accommodate different styles of cartridges, oils, and products.
  • Software Driven Machine
    • Every aspect of the machines operations can be optimized by the operator.
    • Software updates can unlock future features and machine improvements.
    • Logging and tracking can be enabled to isolate QA issues.
    • Live-Chat window in the machine GUI which connects to our support staff.

V1.0 – 1/25/2020 – Initial Release

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Vape-Jet Help Desk Serial Number Vape-Jet
Vape-Jet Help Desk Serial Number Jet Fueler

Where is my serial number?

On Vape-Jet the serial number is etched into the lower left corner of the door (“VJ3xx”) for version 3.0 and on a plaque (“VJ4xx”) on front panel for version 4.0.

Jet-Fueler has a sticker on the back panel and will be “JF1xx” or “JF2xx”, and so on.