HUM2 Dual Cartridge Vape Battery


Vape-Jet branded HUM2 Vape Battery sourced from BeGreenSupply.

The ergonomic HUM2 is built with a full day in mind. It includes two cartridge ports to give the consumer the flexibility to carry more than one, effect, strain, flavor, etc.

Hum 2 holds a capacity of 550 mAh giving you long lasting power paired with a micro-USB cable for recharging and three magnetic ring cartridge adapters. It includes a toggle button for vibration on inhale (click 5 times).

Black anodized aluminum with engraved logo.

Out of stock

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Vape-Jet Help Desk Serial Number Vape-Jet
Vape-Jet Help Desk Serial Number Jet Fueler

Where is my serial number?

On Vape-Jet the serial number is etched into the lower left corner of the door (“VJ3xx”) for version 3.0 and on a plaque (“VJ4xx”) on front panel for version 4.0.

Jet-Fueler has a sticker on the back panel and will be “JF1xx” or “JF2xx”, and so on.