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Product Description

The Jet-Fueler is a semi automatic vape cartridge filling machine designed for highly viscous oils, while being able to handle even the thinnest of eJuice. Every parameter of the dispensing process is software controlled and can be fine-tuned by the operator to achieve maximum throughput. The system configuration is available through a touch-panel screen on the device, and a foot-pedal is used to signal the dispensing action.

Product Specifications

Height: 683mm
Width: 660mm
Depth: 400mm
Weight: 27kg

Technical Specifications

Electrical Specifications
Input Voltage 110V-125V
Wattage 100W (Idle) – 800W (Max)
Max Amperage 8A
Plug NEMA 5-15 (Type B)
Fluid Path Specifications
Pump Type Syringe Pump /w Mechanical Valve
Pump Drive Stepper Motor /w Optical Encoder
Pump Speed Adaptive variable speed dispense. Minimum 300ms dispense stroke.
Pump Accuracy @ 30% Stroke < .1% (Every pump is independent cal lab tested and results provided.)
Pump Repeatability @ 30% Stroke < .1% (Every pump is independent cal lab tested and results provided.)
Pump Resolution 1/6000th of 100% syringe stroke length.
Syringe Materials Borosilicate Glass, PTFE
Valve Materials Ceramic / 316 Stainless Steel
Hose Material PTFE
Needle Material 316 Stainless Steel
Reservoir Material 316 Stainless Steel /w Viton Gaskets
Fittings Material PTFE / 316 Stainless
Injector Assembly Heater
Power 150W
Type Resistive Cartridge Heater inside Aluminum Block
Temp Range 25C – 95C
Accuracy +- 1C
Pump Assembly Heater
Power 150W
Type Resistive Air Radiator Element
Temp Range 25C – 75C
Accuracy +- 5C
Air Flow 35CFM Max
Reservoir Heater
Power 300W
Type Silicone Heater Pad
Temp Range 25C – 95C
Accuracy +- .5C


The technical specifications contained within are given in good faith and are as accurate as possible based on current testing data. Due to a continued program of improvement these specifications may change from time to time without notice. For specifications on your particular model please contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience due to changes of specification or errors and omissions within this document.

V1.0 – 1/25/2020 – Initial Release

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