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The product reservoir will need to be removed from the Vape-Jet to load product for filling, and to clean after filling.

Step-by-step guide

Needed tools:

  1. 3mm hex driver
  2. 9/16ths inch open-end wrench (optional)

Removal Procedure (after product filling or line cleaning): 

  1. Disconnect the electrical connectors between the Reservoir and Base of the Vape-Jet; they are located along the black mesh wire harness that links the Reservoir to the Base. Hold the hard plastic connector housing (NOT the black mesh wire harness), and gently pull to disconnect.
  2. Ensure the Nitrogen regulator has been closed, removed, and the Vape-Jet system completely depressurized before proceeding to step 3.
    1. If your regulator lacks a relief valve, perform steps 7-9 of the Cleaning Procedure (Legacy V2.0).
  3. Use the 9/16ths wrench to loosen the Swagelok connectors on the Reservoir, one for the Nitrogen input line, and one for the product output line.
  4. Cover Nitrogen and Product lines and connectors with fresh plastic wrap to maintain cleanliness and prevent leaks into the Vape-Jet.
  5. Use the 3mm hex driver to loosen the four M5x50mm screws that clamp the Reservoir into its bracket, removing the bottom bracket first; support the Reservoir by hand whilst removing the top bracket, to prevent the Reservoir from falling. 


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