Get The Smartest Vape Cartridge Filling Machine For Sale To Scale Efficiently

The cannabis industry is one of the most competitive and difficult to navigate and scale efficiently. The plant itself is incredibly complex, as are its extracts, which are increasing in popularity among the market’s growing group of consumers. 

Today, one of the biggest challenges for extractors, vape carts, and all-in-one vape manufacturers is maintaining efficient operations. Many of these operations still use manual labor to fill the carts, one by one, with staff working robotically side-by-side.

This can lead to an increase in human error and issues that risk environmental contamination, etc. Hence the emergence and growth of cartridge filling machines for sale to produce high-quality cannabis products. 

Of course, not all cartridge filling machines for sale can be treated equally, and some can even cause more issues. This means selecting the right vape cartridge filling machine for sale for efficient operations to seamlessly scale is crucial.

Is your operation seeking to improve efficiency or your filling cart capabilities? This is the guide for you. Keep reading for tips on selecting the best cartridge filling machine for sale for your operation.

Best Cartridge Filling Machine For Sale

Why mess around with the rest, when we can get started with the best? In today’s industry, Vape-Jet offers the smartest cartridge filling machines for sale and other machines to improve efficiency and quality, including –

  1. The Vape-Jet – a fully automatic vape cart filling machine. 
  2. The Jet Fueler – a semi-automatic cartridge filler machine. 
  3. The Dab Dispenser – a semi-automatic jar filling machine. 
  4. Squish-o-Matic 1000 – a cartridge capping machine.
  5. Drop Tank – to support a heated cartridge filler.

Leaders in the industry agree that the Vape-Jet is one of the most advanced and best cartridge filling machines. So, next, let’s dive deeper into its unique capabilities to support efficient operations.

Vape-Jet Vape Cartridge and Device Filling Machine

The Vape-Jet is one of the most advanced and fully automatic machines to fill oil vape cartridges and all-in-one devices. It fills between 5,000 and 10,000 vape cartridges per shift with the lowest labor inputs of any machine on the market. 

Unlike other machines that fill carts based on predetermined x- and y-coordinates, Vape-Jet uses its advanced software platform and machine vision system to identify the ideal needle placement on 510 cartridges, all-in-one devices, and more.

The Jet Fueler, on the other hand, is an advanced semi-automatic machine that fills oil vape cartridges and all-in-one devices. It fills between 5000 and 9000 vape cartridges per shift and has an easy-to-clean design that won’t clog up like repeater syringes or error-prone check-valve systems.

Pros And Cons Of Vape-Jet Cartridge Filling Machine

With any purchase or decision made, there are bound to be pros and cons. For Vape-Jet cartridge filling machines, here are advantages and potential drawbacks to consider –

  • Lowest labor cost 
  • Highest production capacity 
  • Consistent and accurate fill volume 
  • Flexibility in handling a wide range of fill volumes and viscosities 
  • Increased reliability with minimal room for operator error 
  • Limited exposure to environmental contaminants 
  • Operator can multitask during filling process 
  • Supports multiple configurations 
  • Remote operations and repairs
  • Industry-leading product support 
  • Data reporting 
  • Training included 
  • Active deployment 
  • Clean in place procedures
  • Temperature controls 
  • CSA certified 
  • Safe fluid paths 
  • Adaptability
  • Can be cost-prohibitive for smaller operations 
  • Largest physical footprint 
  • Requires additional operator training

Are you still unsure if a fully automatic cartridge filling machine is for you? Use this guide to compare varying types of machines, along with the advantages and disadvantages to consider for your operation.

Vape-Jet Customer Reviews

There’s nothing like word-of-mouth from your peers or real-world feedback to help you make a purchasing decision. Here are just a few things we’re hearing from our customers about how the Vape-Jet machine works and how our company supports their business: 

“One of the things I’ve been super impressed about is not only have you guys had our back with our facility, but you’ve gone above and beyond to communicate with AVD,” -Dario Flynn, Sessions

“All of our touch points with Vape-Jet as a company have been above and beyond what we’ve experienced with any equipment supplier in this industry.” -Alex Sukos, Meli Group 

“The Vape-Jet has been a huge asset in our lab, it’s almost like a team member.”- Larry Decristofaro, Proper

Don’t just take our customer’s word for it; call our crew directly, and we’ll be happy to discuss how Vape-Jet can work for your unique operations.

Other Types Of Cartridge Filling Machines

Of course, when investing in equipment to fill cartridges and vape pens, it’s always best to do your research. To help, we’ve compiled popular alternative cartridge filler machines to compare their features against Vape-Jet.

Fully Automatic Filling Machines

In comparison to other automatic filling machines on the market, Vape-Jet offers more advanced technology at a better value. It also minimizes labor more effectively and increases throughput.

Other fully automatic filling machines restrict your business with the limitations of rigid automation. Filling machines designed to fill only a single type of hardware or style of jig or tray can create delays (anywhere from days to months) when transitioning to something new.

Semi-Automatic Filling Machines

When compared to semi-automatic filling machines or cartridge filling guns made by other companies, it is obvious how much more sophisticated the Jet Fueler is.  

The Jet Fueler, for example, is equipped with a fluid path made entirely from fluoropolymers, Viton, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and ceramic that ensures your oil and products only touch the highest quality and safest materials available for the utmost quality.

Manual Filling Machines

Overall, manual filling machines are only viable in today’s industry as a cost-effective or temporary solution for startups and small-scale operations.

Need more help comparing other brands to Vape-Jet? We’ve got you covered with a complete breakdown of the most important differences to review.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cartridge Filling Machine For Sale

So, in the end, how can you answer the question, “Which Kind of Cart Filling Machine Should I Consider?”. There are a few key factors that can help make that decision.

The Scale Of Your Operation

The first factor to consider is the scale of your operation. Does your facility produce enough extract to fill more carts more quickly? Will you need to expand operations to scale? Also review the time it takes for employees to manually fill cartridges and the cost savings for labor, etc.

What Type Of Products You’re Filling

One of the biggest problems with automatic and manual cartridge filling is the consistency of the extracts and the vape product you’re filling. 

If the vape hardware you’re filling isn’t standard or if you plan to offer other products in the future, having a machine like Vape-Jet that can automatically identify where to fill and adjust accordingly is highly beneficial. 

As for live resin and live rosin, these extracts are thicker and much harder for most common machines to handle filling, which is a definite factor to consider.


Since you’re in the cannabis industry, you know it better than most. Sometimes it all comes down to the price of what you can buy within your budget. 

However, when filling carts more efficiently, investing in the right machine can help you increase profits and scale exponentially. While others may hold you back or create more costly issues, investing in your facility today can pay off tomorrow.

Have more questions about selecting the right cartridge filler for your operation? Or on how our customer service and product support work? Before you buy, check out our complete FAQ section for the most common questions and answers.

Summing It Up: Why Buy From Vape-Jet

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about cartridge filling machines for sale, you’re fully informed to make the best decision. 

So, if your operation is ready to take efficiency to the next level with the reliable support you need to succeed, there’s no better cartridge filler machine brand to choose than Vape-Jet. 

Our crew is dedicated to providing industry-leading service and support for your vape cart filling operations while continually improving upon our technology to grow with you. Have questions? We’re here to help!

Get in touch, or call us directly, and stay tuned for more guides to increasing efficiency in the modern world of weed.

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