About Us

Meet the team, share our vision.

We are committed to bringing the most progressive automation technology to niche markets and routinely underserved processes. By incorporating rapid product development practices, and a software driven design, we are able to bring cutting-edge technology typically reserved for only the largest scale applications to our customers.

Founded 2018

Portland, Oregon

Vape-Jet was founded in Portland Oregon in 2018, and all manufacturing, assembly, support, and fabrication is done in-house, or with local partners. Data is at the forefront of everything we do, and we focus on streamlining efficiency by automating repetitive processes. Our systems adapt and evolve through the innovative and swift application of technologies. Our iteration process allows us to quickly apply the most advanced technologies to today’s automation problems. We have the agility needed to adapt to our fast-changing business environment, and we actively pursue opportunities to work with industry partners for new product development.

Diverse Backgrounds

Subject matter experts.

Our expert team is dynamic and adaptable, with diverse backgrounds and skill sets ranging from spacecraft operations to microfluidics. Every machine is built and tested onsite, and backed by on-demand and customized support from our engineers. We strive to maintain a customer focused development process, and are proud of our efforts to incorporate consumer change requests into our revisions.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Vape-Jet

Ryan Hoitt


Ryan Hoitt is an entrepreneur, hacker, and technologist with 15+ years experience in a variety of roles. Ryan started out as an electronics technician in the U.S. Navy, with a focus on satellite communications, encryption, and operational security. After his military career, he was employed with industry leaders, including Andrew Communications, Intel, and Micron. He managed projects ranging from working on semiconductor manufacturing automation equipment, to large-scale satellite antenna build outs. Ryan also spent five years acting as a principal operations supervisor for Intelsat, managing ground-based operations during satellite launch missions, and routine spacecraft telemetry processing.

After leaving the aerospace sector, Ryan served as the CTO of Cabinet Grow, a startup focused on IoT self-contained growing chambers. He then founded the Grow Camera, an NDVI imaging device for monitoring crop health, which was acquired by GreenGro Technologies (GRNH) in April 2017.

In his free time, Ryan is an ameteur mycologist and hammocking enthuisast. He loves exploring the Pacific Northwest and enjoying the outdoors, which offsets his occasional need to compete in capture the flag hacking competitions.

Brian Kuo


Brian is a financial executive with 15 years of experience. He holds a dual Masters in Accounting from the University of Oregon, and Physiology from Oregon State University. Brian started his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he worked with large private and SEC companies, leading audits of companies $200M – $1B+.

Brian has provided high-level financial oversight to the cannabis industry since 2015, and obtained expertise in the nuanced details, such as accounting under 280E. He has provided advisory to some of the largest companies in the cannabis industry by revenue in Oregon, including Wyld Confections, Empower BodyCare and Pistil Point. Additionally, Brian provided key financial consulting to help raise $3M+ for Folium Farms. In 2019, Brian was named Honoree CFO of the Year for mid-sized private companies by the Portland Business Journal.

Incidentally, Brian was also one of the primary male models featured for Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells ad campaigns in China. In his free time, Brian watches YouTube cat videos, and talks about tardigrades in space.

Yunus Emre Zengin


Yunus Emre, Lead Software Developer for Vape-Jet, graduated from Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi in Turkey. Yunus is passionate about building new things, and software development gives him the opportunity to take his knowledge to new levels. During his time as a college student, Yunus partnered with his colleague to build test web applications. After graduating from Orta Doğu Teknik, Yunus worked as a contractor, and this led him to his career with Vape-Jet. Yunus has helped create unprecedented new automation technology in this nascent industry, and is critical to the Vape-Jet team.

In his free time, Yunus likes cycling on sunny days, and immersing himself in technology and artificial intelligence related content. He also enjoys helping his younger siblings with their school and course work.

Devon Reid


Devon Reid is a chemist and engineer with 10 years experience in high-tech product development. As an optical engineer at Abbott Laboratories, Devon was awarded three U.S. patents, including sole-authorship for a novel method of switching light. Other projects included semiconductor manufacturing equipment development, subsystems that manufactured mirrors for the James Webb Space Telescope, and the design verification and validation of LASIK diagnostic equipment for U.S. Food and Drug Administration medical device approval.

Pivoting to the cannabis sphere in 2014, Devon has since worked in nearly every aspect of this emerging industry (cultivation, manufacturing, training, compliance, etc.) In late 2017, Devon provided essential business planning input and documentation that garnered licensure for a manufacturing facility in California’s newly regulated cannabis market, establishing Piner Processing in Santa Rosa. Later clients include strategy consulting for a track-and-trace software startup in San Francisco, and development of a CBD brand of products. With his move to Oregon in 2019, Devon has realized his goal of joining a professional team to develop automated cannabis manufacturing equipment.

When not ruminating product research and development concerns, Devon enjoys spending time with his dog, listening to drum ‘n’ bass (since he no longer has time to produce, dj, or manage record labels), and fermenting various foods and beverages.